Okay, WTF...book 7 is working me out!

I don’t exactly know how to describe how I’m feeling right now. I finally scored the 2006 CFAI exam and I came in around a shite 62%. Ever since I reviewed that exam and went through everything in detail, I’ve been feeling really depressed and discouraged. I don’t know if it’s cuz I’ve been alone all weekend in this apartment and had practically no human contact, but I feel absolutely helpless right now. THEN, I decided to try and get a jump on things and start another book 7 exam. Well, huge f*cking mistake. As if my hopes weren’t crushed enough already, either I’m totally burnt out and not able to recall stuff that I thought I had a grasp on like internatioal subs, etc. or I actually don’t have a f*cking clue. I don’t know if it’s the typical Schweser book 7 shite where every single question is super math intensive, but I’m really not getting any of this shite. I don’t know if I should try to keep going or call it a night, I’m thinking the latter (to give you an idea of how much I’m losing it right now, I’m waffling on how to covert an LC to USD and not recalling the rules for all-current vs. temporal). My plan is to hit the Boston tomorrow morning and have a good day, so I think I need to go detox or something. I just feel like I wasted today and was hoping to get through at least another AM or PM exam and review. How you guys feeling?

I think you should walk for 10 min get a coffee and some fresh air

Book 7 is brutal. I took BSAS exam today and got screwed 63% average. I am not sure what will happen? I would like to feel confidence before exams but day by day it is decreasing.

put down book 7. step away from book 7. i had a latte at like 7pm so i’m still up, although i’d rather just go to sleep soon and wake up early. the cure for me at night- ethics. puts me right to bed. PRUDENCE IN PERSPECTIVE here i come. take a breather and either get some sleep or coast out tonight and clear your head with the fine differences between prudent man and prudent investor. c’mon, all of the cool kids are doing it!

don’t believe the hype zim. book 7 this year is still fking book 7. not easier. not warm and cuddly. the same old book 7. hang in there. you’ll be ok man.

I Just took the 2006 exam from book 7 (or aka vol 2)…dude i feel the same thing! I got a low 60% when i normally hit around the low 70s on all the scwheser practice exams. I feel discouraged too. I really thought the 2006 exam from vol 2 was alot harder than Schweser…wtf…this did not happen in level 1.

Zimmer, take a step back dude you hit a wall. I was in the same boat today at 2ish (I spelled my name rong). A clear head makes a world of difference. As for Book 7 - I’m just reading the item sets, attempting the q’s then referring to the answers. Better to get a flavour for the q’s…we all know CFAi exam will be nothing like book7.

I would agree with most here. You need to put the stuff down for awhile and get some sleep. Let your brain process all the information you have been throwing at it.

I can’t wait to take this test tomorrow . . . .

Damn Zim, I didnt know ‘burnout’ was in your vocabulary.Take an night off and let the material settle in your brain. Don’t worry it will all be there when you need it.

Zim are you referring to the 2006 exam that has 96 questions? Or the 1am/1pm exam of book 7? If it’s the latter, i really wouldn’t worry about it.

Zim - Go out and have a drink… too much of this crap will drive you crazy. Seriously, hit the local pub, grab a pint or three and then hit the sack, nice and slightly buzzed. You’ll wake up tomorrow refreshed and ready to go.

i think at this point doing more exams won’t help much. it might be worth reviewing major types of questions and mastering them. For example, a real estate problem or calculating price of a callable bond using binomial tree. That’s my focus for the next week: reviewing everything using Secret Sauce and making sure I can solve most typical problems. The week of exam i’m going to review ethics. Just a thought …

Don’t waste your time on book 7 - trust me. I knew that thing inside out last year and it did no good; it’s all schweser specific bull sh*t. If I were you, I would open up the CFAI text and do the end of chapter problems. You are much more likely to understand the concepts and pass the test. Schweser doesn’t give the test…

Ok i am throughly confused, you guys all talk about book 7 being not representative of the exam. i totally agree…but if zim is referring to the 2006 cfai exam in book 7…then…well if thats how it was like last year …how do we know it’s not going to be like that for 2008? not to make people nervous, but just a thought…

He wasn’t talking about the 2006 test.

i was referring to him trying to take a book 7 exam to regain his confidence. that doesn’t work. i like the 2006 test. the rest of the book (to be fair, i’ve only taken 1am) is nothing like the 2006 exam.

zimzim, believe me…book 7 is bad… it is very schweser specific and not worth the time… it got me down too…I got 60’s in a couple of book 7 tests… just concentrate on the core topics… and now is the time to strengthen our strong areas and be congnizant of the fact that there may be 2-3 topics that we may never get comfortable with till exam day. it may be swaps, it may be ICAPM or current/temporal… but the point here is that we need to be ok with these topics (know the formulae, LOS etc) but more importantly we need to be super strong in what we think we are really good at. rather than spending the remaining time trying to iron out each and every wrinkle, I would know my strong topics stone cold… that will get us more points come exam day.

Hey, thanks for all the love, my people. I was seriously doubting myself in this program about an hour ago, but just had a good talk and seeing your posts have calmed me down a bit. I couldn’t believe that I was that stupid. I know I’m tired…burntout today. Gonna pack it up right now and might even grab a beer or two solo at some dive bar like some creeper. I mean, it is the long weekend…CFAI/Schweser shouldn’t suck all the fun outta me, right. Gonna try and re-group my mind and attitude for the Boston mock tomorrow. Thanks again to you guys for the advice and support. Just a really weird day for me.

Back in line soldier.