On the exam day..

It’s a stupid question but … can I use whiteout? I remember last year when I brought my highlighters to the exam, the exam administration lady took it away and recorded my name on their thing… and my eraser cover got ripped off too.


Does anyone have first name with two words and a space in b/w? I don’t think wrote my name consistently. I used one-worded first name for the LV I exam and two-worded w/ a space name for LV II exam. My first name on passport has two words and a space.

no you cannot carry whiteout into the exam hall.

eraser too - remember to take away / out the paper wrapper.

sure bro, you can bring white out.

you can also have a bunch of CFA formula tattooed to your face, that way if the person sitting next to you looks at your face/forehead during the exam, you have automatically disqualified them by forcing them to cheat. you thin the herd.

it’s brilliant. 4realz

It’s not a stupid question. But it is stupid to rely on the opinions of random internet users, rather than simply checking with the CFAI directly.


The following items are not permitted in the testing room:

  • Food or drinks
  • Baggage of any kind, including transparent bags, backpacks, handbags, tote bags, briefcases, luggage, carrying cases, passport covers, or pencil cases
  • Study materials, including notes, papers, textbooks, or study guides
  • Scratch paper, present/future value tables, or calculator manuals
  • Highlighters, correction fluid, correction tape, or rulers
  • Knives of any type, including box cutters and knives used as pencil sharpeners
  • Mobile phones, MP3 players, cameras, pagers, headsets, computers, electronic organizers, personal data assistants, or any other remote communication or photographic devices
  • Any type of desk clock or timer

i’ll be packing my desert eagle then