On the gym scene(ry)

So I stepped onto the treadmill today, and the girl right in front of me had the highest butt-to-waist ratio I had ever seen (including the likes of KK and J-Lo). Then they started a stripper zumba class in the classroom right in front of the treadmills.

Needless to day, my heart rate wasn’t the only thing that was up.

KK? Are you black?

KK should take Kanye’s last name, then they could be KW^2.

Greenman, you go to the gym? Don’t lie.

^I do! Not only that, but I’m eating better and eating less. Dropped 7 lbs in the past couple of weeks.

Only 93 more to go.

I lol’d

Congrats, gotta start somewhere

KK is of Armenian descent. Chances were higher (mathematically) that she marries of european descent.

@Greenman Keep it up.

I saw a girl on the subway twice in the past year who had a very ridiculous hip to waist ratio. Reminded me of that scene in Superbad where he’s like, “I told her what time it is.”

lions gotta eat


Pics or it didn’t happen Greenman. Let’s see them boner pants.

Gym is always full of hot chicks in yoga pants. There was one the other day benching in a skimpy top with nipples poking through, I nearly sprained my neck looking over so much.

Get after it, Greenie! Props for getting back to the gym!

I went to Spin class for the first time ever today. Legs feel a little like Jello.

If I don’t post again, it’s because I died. Goodbye, cruel world.

@Greenman I hear the bikes at spin class are different to your normal stationery bikes at the gym,wgy dont you try HIIT ?

Try yoga. That’s the worst for dudes. But the upside is the scenery.

The only problem with yoga is people kind of fart directly into your face in DWD ,Its said to be a sign of relaxation

What is it with big behind. Is it just a trend these days or you guys actually into it?

Im not into it. tight and curvey is where its at