Online MSF programs?

I am looking into MSF programs - are there any decent ones online? I am not looking to do it for job prospects/recruiting, just for further learning. Not looking to do my MBA yet, so I figured I could do this in the mean time. I work in CT so there’s some options for part-time programs on campus (UConn, RPI), but I figured there might be a better school that offers the program online.

How does RPI (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) rank for business? They have a campus in CT, and offer a Masters in Management (finance concentration).

im also in CT and came across that as well when researching MBA and Masters programs… anyone know?

Creighton has a online MSF program. I am graduating in May with my MSF from Creighton. I am in Omaha so I take class on campus but it is the same thing. I am very happy with it.

I would think that Indiana’s MSF program is pretty good.

Do you ever get to interface with Buffett as the program is in Omaha, mpnoonan?

What is the cost of each program?

there are Creighton students that go to buffetts lunch with students every year. he has spoke on campus before. I saw him there

Well… if you’re just looking to LEARN, and not for the job prospects: And, the best part… it’s FREE

University of London: their programms look pretty nice (got as majors: Economics Policy, Financial Sector Management & Quantitative Finance) what is lookign funny though is that the “school of oriental and african studies” is in charge of all economics and finance programmes :wink: Nevertheless, the programms look really good to me. I am also considering such a programm, what is your opinions towards these programmes?

How much is Creighton Indiana’s online program is 30k.

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Florida_Gator: While I am looking to do a program to learn, I would like the degree to come with it for the future. philip.platt: I’ve been looking into Kelley’s online MSF… looks good so far. IheartMath: Where in CT are you? Where are you working? Email me if you don’t want to post it here - jperlin (at) gmail How is Creighton’s program viewed in comparison to IU’s?

Centre for Financial Management CeFims at SOAS is under the University of London. This is a well respected highly university that has been around since 1916. I think its program is about 8 individual courses @ 1000 pounds each. It seems to be more of an old style correspondance course set up but the material looks very good. The Creighton program is interesting because it is geared to be taken with the CFA and the courses are set up so they will correspond to the CFA levels. Simon Faser University has and MBA Glabal Asset and Wealth management program which is set up similarily but that is a full time program.

Is the Univ of London a good school? How ranked is it?

Looks like theres a lot of options for online MSF Programs… IU Creighton ULondon UMich Dearborn BU UMass Amherst - i think… How do all these programs rank for MSF? I like all of the different options Univ of London offers, and I like the CFA track for Creighton, but I don’t know anything about the perception of these schools… Any ideas?

The Quantitative Finance degree at Univ of London looks interesting. You can only take 1 class a semester it looks like

University of London is made up of many universities. Each is ranked separately and include the following. King’s College London London School of Economics Queen Mary School of Oriental and African Studies University College London University of London looks like its been offering these courses for a long time. At least three Nobel Prizes have been awarded to alumni of the University of London External System: Ronald H. Coase (Economics) Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins (Physiology or Medicine) Nelson Mandela (Peace)

does anyone know how online programs fair against traditional campus programs? There are several cases where schools that have top 30 or 40 MBA or Master’s programs also have an online program (examples off the top of my head - ASU, Texas A&M, WPI) however I cannot find any ranking of online programs. How do these programs look to future employers? Bogus?