Ops making 85K plus..... how common is it?

I have been offered a job paying 52k with unlimited overtime… group told me to expect 55-60 hours a week and a small bonus end of year( 4k)… is this common? this would make pay from 85,250-95,000…

do you work for BIG 4 accounting firms? If so you are a top performer earning a base of 52K ad a 4K bonus.

that is fairly common.

Why do people think pay questions are so simple? For starters, where do you live? St. Louis, you’re loving life. Chicago, you’re doing OK. New York, you’re living in Pitscataway. Mumbai, you’re president!

houston my 1300sf flat is 900 a month

I am not saying it is simple but curious to is it common. Where I live should not make a difference. I am just asking if it is common.

no I am not in acounting.

If this is an Investment Company ops job where you live make a lot of difference. The business is very regionalized. If this is NYC then I don’t think it’s exceptional. If this is in, I don’t know, Jacksonville or something then it’s grossly overpaid.

my 800 sf apt is $1600/mth and thats in NY region. I wish I only paid 900. So yes location does matter as your Disposable Income is greater in Houston than NY.

my upper east side (NY) apartment is $3,000/mth …

crazy thing is that I live one of the nicest area of town. Most of the homes are in the 1-5 million range… so yes houston is much cheaper… we do have to buy cars,gas, insurances, parking fees but overall it is cheaper… the bankers in houston live really nice…

NYC Metro people have to buy homes, cars, gas, insurances, and parking fees too. Home insurance for a standard 50x100 lot with a shack can go for +10k in bergen county NJ, right on the other side of the river from Manhattan. Insurance for a crappy car covering only the basic liabilities can go for +$1,200/year for someone in the age bracket of 21-30. I’d imagine those 1-5 million dollar homes in Houston would have a multiple premium of at least 5x here.

Never heard of a finance job that pays overtime. Are you serious?

No state tax is sweet and there is so much land that prices done go up as fast as New York, Boston, LA… Misterno… what are of town are you in? what kind of work?

Hmm… I think I need to do more research for pay ranges for different jobs in Seattle area. Beginning to wonder if all this $ and time for schooling is going to be worth it in the end. 50 hours a week as a project manager in construction gives me over $70k annually as it is. Where one lives certainly makes a difference, but 50k base to me just sounds a bit light, at least here. Unless that is a position a smidge above entry level.

goldenboy Traders/CFAs are meeting in Houston this weekend possibly Friday, check out the below link and please respond there. We would like to see you. http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=105401

I always see those but never think anyone evers go…

misterno… job is a training program with bear stearns… I can stop by very briefly as I have dinner at 7.30 in pearland. grizzums… the program asks for one year of work exp… so yes it is entry level… I am a 06 grad

Thanks goldenboy…best of luck to you!

I know the base is not much but the overtime was a big seller for me.