Oscar Pistorius

Damn good actor. Guilty.

Curious question: If/when he goes to prison, I presume he will go _ legless _? Any ‘legs’ could be used as weapons I’d have thought, given his anger issues?

I wonder how this would work. I doubt that handicap access is a priority of South African prisons.

Whatever the outcome this still won’t bring back our beloved Trayvon…

RIP Caylee Anthony - sweet angel

Can someone summarize this case for me? He was dating a Maxim model and intentionally shot her or something? I didn’t understand why this was even a case, I thought it was pretty obvious he did it (the media never lies so that’s what my snap judgment is based on).

His girlfriend was on the loo in his apartment with the door closed. He allegedly killed her by shooting through the toilet door after an intense argument. Pistorius claims that he thought she was an intruder, and that she did not identify herself. Witnesses, however, say that they heard a woman’s screams coming from the apartment. Pistorius is also being charged with the illegal possession of ammunition, and has a history of firearms abuse, including firing a handgun out of the top of his moving car.

Roid Rage

Oscar accidently fired 4 special ammo rounds (that explode when they hit organic material) into a locked toilet stall, because as we all know, intruder’s like to first lock themselves in the toilet stall and go for a #2 before they look around to take anything.

You make it sound like you don’t do this… I do it all the time. Have yet to be shot through the door though, clearly he is guilty as sin.

I heard it was Valentine’s… and she bought him socks

additional gem from Oscar’s defense: the deathly frightened girl screams as heard from multiple witnesses were actually Oscar himself. it was when he discovered it wasn’t an intruder he shot. Oscar and his gf just happened to switch the side of the bed they were always accustomed to the two other gun related incidents that oscar had include shooting out a cars sunroof and another public shooting have no indication to Oscar’s character with regard to gun safety

he prob get a wheel chair like in OZ

^ I think of OZ everytime I see a Farmers Insurance commercial.

Oscar Pistorius is such a waste of space. I’m sure there are many other men who’d consider trading away thier legs to be with that woman.


Oscar could be popular in prison. Bubba is waiting anxiously

The shame in all this is that a HCB got killed. That’s one less out there and God knows we can’t be losing any for no reason. The pecking order gets screwed up. We now have someone who was an 8 for most of her 20s suddenly getting promoted to a 9 and this happens all the way down the ladder.

No matter whether he thought it was an intruder or he knew it was his girlfriend he should go to jail. He killed someone who was locked behind a bathroom door. Have they said what “best case” outcome is for him? Is he going to jail no matter what or is there actually a chance he could walk free by claiming self-defense?

I can’t help but feel for the guy in a strange way. There musn’t be an hour that goes by that he doesn’t think to himself “I had everything, and now because I’m a fckn idiot, I’ve lost everything”. He’s going to live with the regret of that moment (no matter what actually happened) for the rest of his life. At least he’s alive I guess…

Sometimes life is worse than death.

If he wanted to, he could commit suicide at any time. Evidently, Mr. Pistorius does prefer a guilt-ridden life to death.