Our nation's capital

I’m here, in the heart of leviathan. Never been here, and don’t have a “tour guide” to help. Any suggestions on what to do or see?

FYI - I’m staying in crystal city, which a about 1/4 mile south of the pentagon. The national mall is right across the river

And the baggage claim conveyor belts are broken at Reagan intl airport. There’s a huge throng of people standing around like their luggage will magically appear.

Might be a long day.

bens chilly

What brings you out to DC? Been about 5 years since I’ve been. Whatchu looking to do?

I’m in DC as well. I know the restaurant scene very well and have done all the touristy stuff at some point. What you looking to do?

Start at the Capital and walk the mall towards the Lincoln memorial. You will be flanked on both sides by the smithsonian and pass by the Civil War Memorial, WWII Memorial, and Washnington Monument. Hang a right at the lincoln memorial and check out the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Keep walking till you get to NW Constitution Ave and make a left on 17th or 15th and you will see the Whitehouse. Make a right on NW F St and find one of the plethora of great bars in the blocks around the Verizon Center. Fords Theater is along the way on 10th.

Thats about it. DC is a town you can “see” in 3 hours, but get drunk in for a week.

Here for the ASA BV201 course.

I don’t know what I want to do. I don’t know what there is to do. I guess I just want the “overview”, or “intro to DC” on this trip. I’m sure I will be coming back someday.

Of all of the monuments / memorials on the mall, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial is, to me, far and away the most impressive.

If you have the time to go to the Smithsonian, don’t miss it.

take the hop on hop off bus

yea Vietnam Veterans Memorial is very nice. smithsonian is very nice too.

i recommend eating at Fogo De Chao…yum yum

just walked by it. I’ll go there tomorrow when im nice and hungry. I need to compare it to texas de Brazil.

With cold weather out, walking the National Mall is going to be painful. Probably best to visit the museums. The Air and Space Museum is a must. I also like the Museum of American History. All the museums on the mall are free.

The WWII Memorial and the Vietnam memorial are nice, as are the standard Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial. I always liked the Jefferson Memorial, but it’s a pain to get to if you don’t have your own car.

Sorry about Crystal City. One of the most boring places you can possibly be in. But they have hotels there.

Georgetown along M street is a nice place to hang for bars and restaurants. Adam’s Morgan is also interesting, but the longer the time between today and your college graduation, the more you feel out of place.

There are good Ethiopian restaurants in Adams Morgan. If you haven’t had Ethiopian food, you should try it, but you kinda need to go with a group.

National Cathedral is also nice, but, again, hard to get to without a car.

Walking along the National Mall is great to do, just don’t do it in 10 degree weather.

Good luck!

holocaust memorial museum is one of my favorties. if you go you have to do the tour

I don’t know what kind of Indian food you’ve had. My buddy from Lubbock and I went to Rasika last night and it was superb. He said he couldn’t find any good Indian food around him and wanted to check it out. I did the 6 course tasting menu and it was legit.


let me invite you to midland, tx. After you’ve been there a couple of years, crystal city looks like a paradise.

Founding Farmers is pretty good.

^Founding Farmers is not good. Fogo de Chao is good but you can get that in any of the major cities, it’s not a DC specific thing. Go to El Chalan, a great Peruvian restaurant, 1924 I St NW, Washington, DC 20006. Order a pisco sour for your cocktail, papa a la huancaina for your appetizer, lomo saltado as your main dish, and helado de lucuma or arroz con leche as your dessert. You’re welcome.

When I visited Washington DC for the first time while I was in college, I stayed at the sketchiest hostel possible. It was basically four or five people crammed into the attic of some house opposite a 7-Eleven. The owner was some middle aged lady who went out partying all night. Also, I basically survived on 7-Eleven hot dogs every day that I was there.

Thai Xing blows.

My mother will kick your mothers testicles. I never said the best peruvian was in DC…I agree it is in Rockville…at La Limeña…La Canela is good too but Limeña is better. Don’t be gay and contradict me.