Paid study leave..what about your company?

Hi guys, i just spoke with the HR department of my company regarding the study leave for the June 08 exam (the company paid all the expenses for me), and this was the answer: “Any working day on which an employee has an exam may be taken as paid leave. Note that in the event of an exam falling on a Saturday, Sunday, Bank Holiday, or any other non-working day, paid leave in lieu will not be allowable” Additionally, for each such exam taken, a further one day’s paid leave for revision purposes may be taken subject to prior approval by your manager" Therefore, because the CFA exam is on Saturday I am only allowed to take one day study leave. Is this completely unfair? For example on Monday I got a revision class with a course provider and I must take a day off! What is your company policy?

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JoeyDVivre Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Can’t … stop … my … > fingers…from…sarcastic…responses… HAHAHAHAHAHA…I think this is going to sting!

this is probably a sign that you don’t work for the greatest company. Don’t fret, neither do I.

I used to work at a company that tells employees “take as many afternoons off of work as you need to prepare for the CFA, within reason.” Sadly, that’s not the norm. You do get a paid day off to study (in the U.S.)–it’s called Memorial Day.

I get a week off paid. Can’t complain about that. I also get 21 vacation days too. Work… what is that?

3 paid days off

I have 3 days off too, plus they paid for everything. Not a bad deal I guess.

y dont you just use your vacation time? If you need time off for the exam use some of your vacation. Screw the study leave policy. The exams worth sacrificing some vacation time.

Any time off comes out of our paid leave (I’m taking 5). However, they’re covering all expenses and we get 21 paid days anyway, so not a bad deal.

I got two for LI, 3 for LII, hoping for the big 4 for LIII. PMwannaB, are you guys hiring??

i had to eat 4 vacation days each time for all 3 levels but it was all worth it in the end i guess. for the first time since i graduated, i am enjoying spring this year and looking forward to memorial day. hang in there guys there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I’m only taking the friday off the day before the exam…but I have asked to leave early every single day between now and exam day. I figure its better than eating up my vacation days.

We actually are but the seletion is minimal.

I’m using 7 of my own vacation days for studying. I’ve paid for all expenses and 99% of people in my office don’t even know what the CFA is…it sucks being in the back office.

5 days paid but the message from most analysts has been to forget CFA this year because: 1) need to concentrate on II which runs to June or 2) need to build the franchise or 3) need to launch coverage or 4) need to (insert reason here) so we don’t get fired in this environment.

just save up your vacation days and use them

Old job at custody bank gave me nothing. New job in wealth management has paid over $2000 in expenses and has given me 5 days off.

no paid study time, using personal vacation to study for L2