Papa needs a new pair of shoes

I’m sick of buying low tier shoes and having them break down on me. I am ready to jump to a dress shoe that will hold up over time, can be re-soled over time.

Any recommedations? Brand names? Anything to avoid?

Also, I am in a smallish US city that is for most purposes “non-financial”.

My hubby bought a pair from Kenneth Cole last year. In just one year, there are two big holes in each sole.

Wait, smuggy is a girl?

I have Indian shoes. Have lasted me since 2nd year high school. No holes, nothing.

Kenneth Cole are the terrible. A good medium range shoe (price wise) is Johnston Murphy. You can get a nice pair under $200.

Allen Edmonds has a yearly sale I think sometime in the 1st quarter of each year. At the risk of sounding like a complete shill for the company, I finally caved and bought a pair earlier this year. They are excellent. I have yet to meet people who own their shoes and don’t like them or think they’re good value. The “good value” part stems from the fact that you can send your shoes back to them for recrafting ($100) and they come back looking like a new pair of shoes. Guy at my last job had a pair of Park Avenues that had been recrafted like 4 times over I think he said 8 years and they looked dynamite.

Just buy some Lugz and be done with it.

I hear Crocs are selling at a discount lately.

Allen Edmonds are excellent shoes. I have a couple of pairs which I’ve had refurbished several times. The shoes are really good as new after each refurbishing. I honestly don’t think I’ll ever buy another brand of dress shoes. You can often buy the “seconds” (same quality with some small, unrecognizable blemish which makes them less perfect) for $100-150.

Bostonians are good; but I only buy rubber soled because it lasts longer.

Whoooaaaa… did anyone else watch the video? Hot cork plus they knick the edge of the heel so that your pant legs don’t get caught? That kind of thoughtfulness deserves my business. Btw, I normally just go to Nordstrom Rack and pick up some shoes that retail for $200 for about $100. I’ve been rocking Boss shoes lately, very lean shoe.

‘Sup mwvt! How are things? I agree with McLeod on Allen Edmonds. Allen Edmonds’ and Alden’s come in a wide range of sizes/widths on a number of different lasts which can lead to a very nice fit. These brands are a great value, at present I have a combined 7 pairs of the two. Ferragamos are another good option. They’re generally at a higher price point, but some of their browns have really great patinas that you don’t generally see in the $300 range. Out of my price range, but John Lobb and Vass are about as high quality as they get. JL has a book on shoes called The Last Shall be First and Vass has a book called Handmade Shoes For Men. I own the latter and it really makes you appreciate all of the nuances they go through when building a pair of ultra-high quality custom shoe. Can’t speak to the quality, as I don’t own any of them, but I was at Off Fifth a few weeks ago and saw a pair of “Too Boot New York’s” with a beautiful patina and a burnished toe at under $200!

I got some from Aldo when I was in NY. They always seem to have exactly the right fit for me so I pick up some when I pass one of there stores (also have them in Spain). I’m happy with them and they are pretty inexpensive.

This is where I get mine in the UK. Pretty middle of the range but so far have been comfortable and lasted me well. Ships to the US in 2-4 days.

Best pair of dress shoes I’ve ever owned are from Father & Son. I’ve had them for about 15 years and resoled them 4 times. Sadly, F&S went out of business several years ago. Since then, I’ve been going mostly with Bostonian and they’re okay.

I am wearing Bostonian shoes, which like the other guy, I randomly pulled off the shelf at Nordstrom Rack. I guess they are ok. I can’t really tell the difference between $100 and $300 shoes.

I’ve been sticking with Bostonians for the past few years, and they have held up pretty well. If you can hit an outlet store or wait for a sale you can get a good pair for around $100. Reading all this stuff about Allen Edmonds, though, makes me want to try them out next time I’m looking for a new pair.

Allen Edmonds Park Avenue


My local mall has a Johnston Murphy in it. This was my first though just because of convenience, but I don’t know much about them.