Paper Charter Arrived!!!

I received the charter yesterday. It was delivered to my work. I wasn’t expecting this fast…

Thank you CFAi.

When did you get approval for your charter? (how long from approval date did you receive the paper is what I’m trying to guage)

I applied the regular member prior to the result. So, I was awarded the charter on the result day, 8/9/2016.

So it took 4 weeks as opposed to the 6 weeks they say, right?

Yes, it seems like it. A week after the result, CFAI sent me a charter award confirmation email. From the memo, it says the printed charter will be mailed to me in the next 6 to 8 weeks. But it didn’t take that long. I am in the US. So it may take a little longer for those who reside in foreign countries.

Thanks for the info. Congrats! I too was a regular member prior to result and was awarded the charter on Aug 9 shortly after results. I am in Canada, so hopefully mine will be here soon :slight_smile:

I got my charter on Tuesday. It is huge 17" x 22"

It’s so big! It makes my degree look like a index card. It’s almost cartoonishly large. My wife wants to frame it but I think I’m just going to keep it in the spiral container until I lose it (lol). The real value is putting those letters behind your name.

What’s your charter number? I’m guessing close to 190k…


My charter number is around 170K

Get out the paper tacks, its going on the wall.

I’m def framing it. I want to be as big of an asshole as possible about this. Spent too many hours in the damn library…

stupid question - do you need to request for them to send it to you upon getting the CFA designation on the CFAI website or will it be autosent

Dear Diary:

^^I’d tell you if your username wasn’t kinda douchey.


178k and something is my charter number.

My charter turned up today with an shipping value of $1 for Canadian Customs. I think I over paid Schweser.

Got mine today. New York City, awarded charter on August 11. also in the 178k range

I am just over 181k.

But only received the letter as well as the Blue Booklet that states that I am a difference that matters…

Was expecting something else. Is that still to come? Also got an invitation to the local award ceremony. Will we receive the official Charter document there?

Same question here. Only received confirmation in nice mail. Will Institute send charter separately?