Pardon The Swamp

finally, the deep state is being exposed for the awful and illegal actions they have taken against these innocent patriots.

god bless the sherpa.

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Own da libs

From health care reporter Ben Conarck:

A Hialeah woman convicted in a massive Medicare fraud scheme a decade ago had her 35-year prison sentence commuted Tuesday by President Donald Trump as he announced 11 pardons and commutations in high-profile cases. Judith Negron, now 48 years old, was sent to prison for aiding in a $200 million fraud case in what was then the country’s biggest mental health billing racket. Negron was the only defendant in the case to refuse a plea deal and go to trial. She was convicted by a jury in August 2011 on 24 counts of conspiracy, fraud, paying kickbacks and money laundering in collaboration with the owners of a Miami-based company. The scheme centered around American Therapeutic Corp., a seven-clinic chain that billed Medicare for group mental-health sessions that were either unnecessary or not provided to patients. The group’s patients, meanwhile, could not feed themselves or control their own bodily waste, according to prosecutors’ filings. Many lacked the mental capacity to respond to counseling and simply stared at walls or watched TV instead, raising questions about whether they were eligible for treatment. Throughout the prosecution, Negron, who was vice president of a subsidiary of the company, maintained she was unaware of the billing scheme to fleece the taxpayer-funded Medicare program. Negron, who was a first-time offender when she was sentenced, had run out of options when it came to appealing her sentence, but her family never gave up, according to Bill Norris, her appellate attorney. “She has steadfastly insisted on her own integrity,” Norris said. “Integrity is a little more complicated than innocence or guilt.”

here’s another one: you’re not human if the twitter video doesn’t make you cry with happiness. Thank you President Trump

Clinton Stewart went to prison for over 7 years for not paying corporate bills.

President Trump is the worst racist ever

As for the thread title (“Pardon The Swamp”), the Swamp rarely if ever goes to jail. More likely “prosecution declined” like McCabe just recently

President Trump is a hero!

Friendly Reminder: McCabe is innocent, like most of the people accused of crimes by the right. Anyone else notice how even after controlling the House, Senate, DoJ – with an appointed prosecutor, nothing was found against Hillary.

Stone, Flynn, Manafort, etc. have all been found guilty, but Trump is somehow innocent from all of this.

HRC, Obama, Biden, etc. have never been found guilty, but they’re all part of the deep state and are proof the courts are corrupt.

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May we erect a statue of DJT in every city, town and village in the US and A to remind us of this great man who exemplifies the ideals of our founding fathers!

Kerik’s best man at his wedding.

Don Jr:

Total Presidential pardons/sentence commutations:

Carter: 566

Reagan: 406

H.W Bush: 77

Cigar Bill: 459

George W: 200

Obama: 1,927

Trump: 26

Please, by all means, educate me on abuse of power. Hang on I’ll get you guys a wahmburger with some french cries!

Friendly Reminder: the DOJ Inspector General found that McCabe “lacked candor” (a euphemism for lying) on a number of occasions, several of which were under oath. The Inspector General referred McCabe for prosecution. The DC US Attorney’s office declined to prosecute him.

From the WaPo:

My sources tell me some of the pardons are in exchange for testimony.

kerik – foreknowledge of 9/11

blqggo – blackmailed into selling Obama’s seat and set up as fall guy.

big fish are going to fry.

I’m aware Trump supporters can’t differentiate crimes from not crimes, yes.


The swamp is being cleaned god bless patriots

“There’s two people I think Putin pays: Rohrabacher and Trump,” ~ Kevin McCarthy.

“These people are stupid”. -Q

I actually agree with Q on that one. Like, how does an anonymous twitter account which makes real predictions (with timelines that are wrong) still hold such influence over the alt-right? At what point does this become a mental illness?

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I’m aware that in your eyes, a crime becomes a non-crime when committed by a democrat.

McCabe lied under oath. That’s a crime, for which he was referred by the IG.