Pass email

Just got my pass results. So happy. No results given though. Just pass. I wish I got to know how I did. There were so many hard questions that I was 50/50 on. Oh well. I guess I will be happy with the pass.


I got mine too! Congrats to you! I was so happy this morning.


Is this a new thing not showing your results relative to the min passing score?


I passed as well, felt really good. The AM was tough, but i guess the PM came through for me.

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I barely failed in 2019. I mean barely. But I found this test so much harder. So I had already started studying for May. Glad to not have to go through it again. Level 3 was brutal for me.

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This was my first try at level 3 so I really could not tell you! I was just happy to get the pass, although a breakdown would have been nice too

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Passed. Congrats to everyone who made it.

So now what? We need to become a member, pay dues, have work history confirmed, and get references. Anything else?

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how do they confirm work hisotry?

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Passed Thanks God, Congrats to everyone

does anyone know when we are officially allowed to use the designation? Passed the exam, have been accepted into the global/lobal society, submitted my PCS and JUST paid dues. I’m assuming payment hasn’t been processed yet since I do not show up in the directory, but do we get any sort of official notice when we are able to use designation?

You will receive an email stating you are now a member and can use the CFA designation.

You won’t be able to use the designation until they confirm your membership and you will receive documentation of your charter. I wouldn’t do anything foolish until you are certain. But congrats to you as well! We did it.

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gotcha. thanks y’all for the help. Any idea what to expect as far as timeline goes? TIA

Probably check your junk/spam box.

You can login to your CFA Institute account. If it states that your membership status is Regular Member, then you can start using the designation

It really depends on their approval process for the work experience. I know people in the past said this can take around 2 weeks. We’ve waiting so long for this, I have no problem waiting to use the designation upon approval.

Congratulations, max!

Congratulations, geodada!

Congratulations, jmarcin!

Congratulations, fungy!

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