Passed three levels at first attempts before 23

Turning 23 by the end of month. Is this getting close to the record? I know there are definitely people younger than me to achieve this, but I wonder how many

Now I need to collect enough working experience to get my charter. Does management consulting (non-financial service focused) working experience count as investment-related?

pretty sure the youngest charterholder is <23. note charterholder.

google manpreet singh.

I think quite a few people have passed all 3 levels by 23. It’s a lot harder to be a Charterholder though as you almost certainly won’t have the 4 years of experience yet.

That’s a good achievement. What’s your educ. background?

Wow…this guy completed his undegrad in 2.5 years…

I need 3 more years working experience to meet the requirement…

Yes, I need 3 more years

Chinese, went to college in Beijing, and got a master degree from a top 10 US school, both in Economics

Impressive. I would say that most Americans don’t have the focus and drive to also complete the CFA exams during their college years.

most americans have not heard about the cfa while in college. also most americans are not losers sitting studying for the cfa at <23

Good job. Do you accept reward in Scooby Snacks?

I don’t understand why some of you are being sarcastic!

also, anyone knows if management consulting count as CFA required work experiences?

You’re so intelligent, went to top 10 US school, yada yada, yet you can’t find this info?

Hahaha, be nice guys. But seriously if you are studying Msc in economics you get like half of the material in the CFA for free, I don’t see it as such an accomplishment actually. You should have studied something quantitative instead, like maths/statistics/programming or atleast an FRM, not double reading the same thing twice.

Nice that you past, so did I, working full time and never studied economics.

Ahhhhhh… 2 peas in a pod

congrats. did you also have goldman sachs bankers coming to your door with champagne in hand to offer you a job?

big whoop. chinese are forced to study cfa from a very young age by their parents.

^I thought you are going to say something about the tombstone!

You really don’t have the slightest clue what an MSc in Economics is right?

No, management consulting non-investment related will not count towards your experience. It’s good experience…but won’t count towards the charter.