passing score for Level II - 60 or 70%?

Hi- any insight into what one should be scoring on the practice tests? what is the passing score for level II? the consensus for level I was 70% + not failing ethics.

any similar benchmarks for Level II? Many thanks!!

If the people posting on AF made up the entire population of Level 2 candidates … i bet the MPS would be ~85% … going by the range of scores for mocks being posted here

Should be higher than the level 1 pass mark of 70 due to the pass rate still being low in level 2

I think it depends on the top scorer, many people believe that the passing score is somewhere around 70% of the top scorer, so if the top scorer is 100%, passing score is about 70% but if top scorer is only 80% then 56% can pass

i hpe 60-62

From what I’ve read it’s estimated to be in the low 60’s but no one really knows

It depends upon the difficulty of the exam as well. If the exam is harder than usual, the passing score tends to be lower. But no one knows for sure. Calculation of the MPS is a very complex process and the CFAI takes into consideration a lot of factors before deciding on a number.

It’s more secret and compplicated than FICO scores.

I looked at 2012 results thread and I thought 80 correct answers would have a good shot.

I would bet its about 60 to max 65.

No chance its near 70% as level 1, level 1 is a walk in the park compared to level 2, so how could you expect level 2 to have a higher MPS…

Best of luck to everyone though!

I went through reams of data, and I think I calculated the MPS for level II last year as 71%

71 crying

That translates to 85 correct answer, a sure pass. Hard to achieve without smart or hard study and good memory.

Hard to tell if you’re joking, but since you claimed to go through “reams of data,” I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you are.

In the event this wasn’t a joke - it’s wrong. I have no basis for this, but the MPS surely is NOT 71.

100% it is not no where near 70.

It is MAX 65%, more likely 62-65%, and more likely eing closer to the lower end… I’ve heard it could be as low as like 59%

About tree-fiddy.

I have a basis for it. nobody has ever failed with greater than a 70%

Yes … thats an amazingly strong basis

Just as strong as the US’s AAA rating … or the 2% bottom for Treasury yields

I find this recurrent topic so boring and useless. None of us knows the MPS, yet you are thinking very hard trying to speculate on it. The exam won’t probably be like any of the mock exams, so looking at your scores now don’t guarantee any future success, whatever the real unknown MPS is. Oh well, If that makes you feel better coming up with a precise figure… fine!

I seriously doubt it.

just target to get a 70% overall . i remember doing the CFA mock 2 days before the exam , i got 69 % in it and then passed the real thing . if you target the 60%s , its risky.