Passing score for mocks?

Hey guys, I’m giving CFA Level 1 in June 2019 exam. I solved a mock from schweser and got approx 78 on 120. Is that a good score?? If not, what should be a rough score that is considered good? Please help me out !

Well, you asked in the right thread - But there you said you were scoring consistently above 70% on the mocks, while here you got 78/120 which is 65%. Either way you’re in good shape despite your inconsistent math.

Score above 65% should pass you level1

Thank you ! In that thread I have mentioned the actual scores on mocks and here just an rough average. n if u read it carefully 75-80% is in all questions like End of chapter Qs…

Thank you so much

70% on mocks would be what you want to aim. At 65%, you got some work to do.

As with any test, there is a margin of error. The highest you consistently score, the more likely you’ll pass 9.99 out of 10 tests. At 65%, my bet is you could pass 7 out of 10 tests.