Pecking Order

What is the true pecking order in wallstreet. In my opinion it is (from most prestige to least):

  1. Quantitative Trading for Hedge Fund

  2. Traders for bulge bracket

  3. Investment Bankers/PE

  4. Brokers (wealth management, private wealth, etc.)

What’s ironic is that the guys at the top go to work in shorts and t-shirts and make twice (if not much more) as much as the guys who go to work with nice Hermes ties… Have to respect those humble all stars.

door opens…cvm and itera walk in

See the maslow thread below

LOL! But seriously, quants rule right?

Not really. The only reason he thinks quants rule is because his location says the Philippines and is biased toward his peeps. #noracism #dontnukethisthread

Given the presented options, in order, I’d say 3, 2, 1, 4.

ok, let’s put it another way: who makes the most money?

^are you sure you’re on the right forum?

Methinks you have confused us with Wall Street Oasis.

I can’t stand WSO. It seems like 90% of the topics are prestige questions like this.

I’d say 3,1,2,4

Trading can either be the best job in the world (sky is the limit) or the worst (you don’t make any money while gaining no transferrable skills).