I’ve been renovating my house and garden over the few months and my feet are fcked; super hard calluses, wrinkles, corns and long hard nails.

I’ve decided to book myself in for a pedicure (no homo)…

I gather that a lot of the yanks here dnt even wear cologne or brush their hair in morning. so the idea of a pedicure for men would be totally new jersey outta the question…

But srs… anyone had one before?

The salon near my house offers a combo pedicure + 10 minute massage for $19. However, I have not tried it, as tempting as it is. It’s a big leap to become a “pedicure guy”.

Whats this world coming to?

Sometimes I get massage. The best one is this 40 something year old Chinese guy. He is very small and skinny (like 5’ 4"), but somehow is very strong and makes you into a pretzel.

pokhim is the ultimate long-con. gains a decent reputation over years on the forum and then goes full metal rahul.


you get massages from dudes? this seems like a 100% downside risk scenario. in my experience a chic has the training to give you all the pressure you can handle. And if it moves, no big deal.

I’m not having a chinese man touch my feet. No way!!

Well this place actually has a sign that says “no hanky panky”. That’s how you know it’s a classy place.

Anyway, like I said. My feet aren’t in the best shape… they in fact hurt a bit when I walk coz my shoes are so worn… I actually need to go buy new shoes right now.

I’m going on holiday in a few days and the last thing I want is wrinkly horrible, callused feet. Wrt my hands…I like them callused and hard…makes me feel more strong

I still fail to comprehend how doing home renovations and gardening results in calloused, wrinkled feet and long toe nails. Are you doing it Karate Kid style or something?

Digging bro… I was digging with spade so my feet start to get messed up. I filled about 15 tonnes of rubble in skips over the past few months. Sometimes I water the garden and my feet get wet…then I do some more work and i have blisters and stuff on my feet.

if you go with your girl then it’s a date and not homo. You also have to have sex after. I went with my ex once. It tickled…we had dinner and sex afterwards, so it was good. I’m not ashamed…I’d never go alone doe.

Do you have a fish spa nearby? You can have tiny fishes eat the dead skin and calluses from your feet.

You need some good boots mate.

Is this a case of the metric system messing with me? 15 tonnes sounds like a lot of rubble. Like, 30,000 lbs of rubble. Or is the English version of a ton only like 17 lbs?

I’ve done it. Not that big of a deal. As said above, go with a chick if you care what others think of your sexuality. your feet feel pretty great afterwards.

I guess it depends on what he’s removed. 30,000 pounds is about the weight of 9-10 cubic yards of gravel, which really isn’t that much, so if he removed a fair bit of concrete he would get to 30k pounds pretty easily.

I’m going with my wife… I less homo

Yes!! I need this!! … Something waterproof and not too bulky so I can slip on and off easily…

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a bloke getting one but if you want one, go for it.