people getting angry- oh well kiss my ass

i have told everyone its just 24 days in my exam,i need to study and wont be able to participate/help in any activities for these 24 days. and guess what, one of the persons very close to me got angry. well, so be it. Fuck Off… i dont care.

all i care right now is to pass this exam, whatever it takes (full stop)

Yeah, tell me about it. I wish they could just understand. I got my wife’s b-day on friday and then it’s mother’s day on Sunday. I can’t really get out of these but it’s really annoying.

Another rant, someone random on my tram this morning asked me what I was studying, I told him CFA. He said, it that the Certified Practicing Accountant thing? I almost decked him.

Because everyone knows that “practicing” starts with an “F”.

people dont understand and of course we didnt expect them to understand.

its our struggle, its our fight. what i suggest, dont give a damn to what they say or think. if they cant be with us in our struggle, they have no right to be with us in our success. but im sure they would love to associate with us when we are success. and then the decision will be ours.

always watch your best interest, take care of yourself and do whatever is important to you … the people who really care will walk with you. for others, we dont need them.

Yea, I go through this with people as well. Everyone is like. “you have a month! Why are you so worried?” and dont get me started with the looks I got when I told people I was starting to study for a test 3-4 months away. Its tough cause if you tell them youre studying that far in advanced, and then if I was to fail, theyll prolly think im an idiot. “kid studied for one test for 4 months and didnt even pass it!”

I told a friend that I’m taking the week off before the test to study and he said why would you need to do that you’ve been studying since January? You won’t be ready? After collecting myself for a second I just said I’m not gonna get into it…but yes I definitely need that week.

My blood was boiling because it was said with such a condescending tone.

Guys why are you getting mad about people that don’t get how difficult this exam is? Those who matter do. Good luck to all of us!

Sunday house BBQ…ahhhh sorry, I’m working on my CFA exam.

Monday night dinner with visiting relatives…ahhh sorry, I’m working real hard on my CFA exam.

Tuesday friends Bday house party (filled w/strippers)…ahhh, what if I fail this exam?

Yup. I am getting so ‘expletively’ f------- k pissssseedddd at people who don’t have a clue about the exams, and while i’m doing poorly on the practice exams, they are like, no bbq?

I’m gonna snap.

In order to be fair, the OP said someone close to him got angry. He didn’t say who.

Even though the exam is so close, you still have to carve out time for some relationships, like your wife or kids.

Trust me–I understand the frustration. I work with a bunch of CPA’s, and my daddy-in-law is a CPA. He said the same thing to me–and I’ve been studying since October. It made me want to punch him in the face.

OP: Not sure if this relates but i have a hunch it will. Gfs don’t understand, esp if they aren’t in finance. Take it from me, don’t rebel or create a fight, instead take 10 mins and explain the seriousness and reassure her in 20+ days things will change.

Did you marry the boss’s daughter?

Best medicine: print out all the learning outcome statements and show that :slight_smile:

And to make it even more fun, show them a few problems from the derivatives section.

someone said 40% is v high and its easy to pass cfa exam. He is Phd in Law from delhi university angry

you can get 33% just by guessing, so highly doubt this is true.

ha ha real talk man. I think we can all related to that

Lol I lost most of my relationships in the past 2 months. Whenever my friends called/texted/msg me over facebook asking for a hang out, I told them I have to study because besides my full time day job my schedule was very tight. They just kept asking every other few days…so eventually I’m tired of declining these all kind invitations, and stopped picking up calls nor replying to msgs. Does it worth the price? Yes, if and only if I pass the exam frown

“Hey you wanna come out and grab a drink? Sorry man…I gotta study for the CFA exam”

“Oh no problem, how about a quick bite? Next time dude, gotta catch up with the study”

“yo movie tonight? Study dude, June 1st is at the corner”

I hate turing down people but I was just tired of it

I’ve told the GF that I’m struggling lately and won’t be able to spend that much time with her. Given that the same thing happened last year with L1.

And whenever someone tells me ‘you’ve got a month left; that’s so much time,’ I tell them I’ve got 3000 pages of equations and concepts to memorize and understand. Mouths tend to drop after that.

You realize that the average economics/maths/eng/physics student or graduate is just going to laugh with these problems right :stuck_out_tongue: