People scoring high - MPS


most people here are scoring quite well also in the am session above 70% what I read so far.

If this is the average I probably fail, since the MPS will be above 70%. I nearly score always between 60 - 70 % in the am session and 75 to 80 in the pm

consider the sample size and quality. couple other people taking this that arent on this forum.

These freak out posts are not constructive…

  1. This forum is not a representative sample.

  2. A good chunk of your mock scores averages out to a pass. More than you might think.

  3. Someone always thinks the Level 2 or 3 MPS is going to be insanely high and it usually ends up being around what it always is (at least from what can be inferred by results).

If I’m not mistaken, 70% or higher is a guaranteed pass.

Wait, what? I thought every CFA candidate had to register on AF?! That’s why I stuck around.

Maybe there’s a greater contrast at L1 and L2, but here, I’d guess the difference in average quality of candidates on AF and those not on AF is relatively minimal at L3.

stpo crying and do more practice exams

Doubt it given the below:

CFA Institute, the global association of investment professionals that sets the highest standards of ethics, education, and professional excellence, announced that of 25,766 June 2013 Level III candidates, 49% passed the third and final exam to earn the industry gold standard CFA charter.

MPS over 70 LOL… it amazes me how many people get to L3 that have yet to grasp how the exam works.

Clearly the OP hasn’t sat for the L3 exam. Once you walk out of it you’re going to hope that the MPS is a 60.

I believe that the CFAI have categorically stated that anyone who has scored 70% or greater on any level has never not passed.

I recall that CFAI used to say 70% was a pass in any scenario, but have since recinded that statement. However, I wouldn’t infer that the recision means the MPS may be significantly over 70%. My guess (and it’s nothing more) is that they did this to stop candidates from attempting to score just over 70%, and instead attempt to score as high as possible. People already do things like totally punt on GIPS or other low weight topics - I think they’re trying to put enough fear into candidates to prevent this behavior.

Don’t be naive - those posting on AF are not representative of the candidate pool as a whole. Moreover, there surely exists a self-reporting bias among the community.

The CFA just told me that the MPS is gonna be 75% this year. True Story!

The CFAI just told me that the MPS is gonna be 75% this year. True Story!

Here are more useful questions:

  • What do you think is the average mock exam score of an AF poster?
  • What do you think is the average mock exam score of a non-AF poster?
  • How many mock exams do you think the average AF poster has taken by now?
  • How many mock exams do you think the average non-AF poster has taken by now?

Those are good questions. My guess:

  • 67%
  • 60%
  • 6
  • 3

looks like Im not an AF poster :slight_smile:

I would guess lower for both avg score and # of exams.

There are many people on AF who have done mocks, but havent posted scores. I would assume this is beecause they dont want to participate in our dick measuring contest (because they would lose)

I’ll play:

  • 73%
  • 62%
  • 7
  • 3

At least a third of L3 candidates aren’t aware that the old exams are available for download.