Personal circumstances and the ability to study... (breakup)

Ok, not asking that the CFA give me more time or anything based on my situation but I just need some help or advice from others.

I was motivated to study for the level 1 since December last year, managed to put in around an hour or two every day. Considering that I was out the house and busy with work from 7am-9pm I think that’s the most I could allocate.

Anyway, I have been dumped since the new year (she said something along the lines of she’s changed, feelings are not the same), I’m still getting over it to be honest. But I just need some help getting back on track to study for the CFA, I haven’t really put in an hours since the new year. I’ve nearly completed ethics and quant but my motivation is at an all time low. It really hit me bad.

I DO want to pass the June exam. I guess I’m just looking for words of encouragement. It would help from people who have had really bad lows during their study, whether it be breakups or anything else, it would be good to hear.

If you look on the bright side, at least it happened now with 5 + months to the exam and not a few weeks before. It’s normal to find it hard to get back at it especially if the relationship meant something to you. Get back to it gradually until you reach your 2 hour goal again.

As a guy who’s ex-gf tried to break up with him a week before every CFA exam, I can relate. The messed up part was she expected me to pass it too. Women are very strange.

Ease your way back in. Set yourself a goal: something like “I will make this exam my bitch”, and believe in it. You’re not going to very productive for the first little while after a break up, so take this time to research a good strategy and make a solid timetable down to the last detail. Then execute. Focus all your angry energy into it and it will get easier all around. It’s not easy to hear and it’s not easy to get through a break up, but invest in yourself.

I had a ton of personal lows during my studying (especially L3, where I had a family member diagnosed with a serious illness, 50/50 survival). I just plowed through. These things only become an excuse if you let them. Get back on the horse and finish it. I see a lot of people in business and in life look at these things as an excuse to justify poor performance or mediocrity. If you back down, she wins. Get on it and get it done, come on man.

^ Also: I’m curious how these 7am-9pm’ers actually make any semblance of a relationship work anyway.

  1. No gf = more time to study. Take advantage of this before she comes back.

  2. CFA is for your career which right now is 7am-9pm 5 days a week…thats a pretty large chunk of your life so look at the bigger picture. Girls come and go and the uncertainty of which one you’ll end up with is high. CFA counts for so much at this stage and its benefits to your life are far clearer than the benefits one girl can bring you.

Take the glass half full mentality. This is great that this happened now as it will save the emotional strain studying puts on a relationship. I have done level I with a girlfriend Level II without and I assure you it’s much easier putting in the study time when single. Also passing these exams is a major achievement and when you get that passing e-mail there are few things that are more satisfying than the culmination of all your hard work and beating the odds to pass it. Take a week off and get your head right but set a date where you will get back to studying and stick to that plan, still lots of time but passing these exams is a product of putting in the time read notes twice, 5-7 mocks exams and you will be good.

You’ll feel less guilty when you’re studying instead of being with her.

That’s one good thing about being married. Don’t have to worry about that drama.

If your breakup is anything like mine was, you’ll look back and wonder why you ever cared. You’re free! Take advantage of your new freedom and expand your mind. Work on your CFA so you can get super rich and make her jealous in the future ; )

When I got dumped I started going to the gym religiously and it worked out well for me in the jealousy department. Of course, a more mature person would tell you that’s not the way to deal with a breakup…

You always win in the long run to no longer be with someone that doesn’t love you as much as you love them.

I think the breakup probably gives you MORE motivation to study, no?

For one thing, you no longer have a girlfriend to worry about spending tiem with.

You always don’t have distractions and birthdays and anniversary to plan.

You also probably now want to focus on something, work or education now that you have lost a part of your life.

Use it as a motivation and fuel to power through the exam.

Who knows, perhaps she will come back to you after you are a charterholder.



I find it easier to study without gf than with one.

some really good advice here, especially SpareTime and formertrader. You can tell these guys have seen some hurt.

The pain will subside if you let it. One day you will laugh and wonder why you ever cared. Stay in the present and achieve your short term goals.

Yep. A really wise philosopher known as CFAvsMBA once said,

“You can lose a lot of money by chasing women. But you’ll never lose women by chasing money.”

Finish the exam, friend, and go on to make your fortune. She’ll come crawling back. And if she doesn’t, a dozen more will come in her place.

Its time that you look ahead and do something for your own good. I completely agree with former trader :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the responses. They really help. I have started back by going through key concepts, making notes, and end of chapter questions. I’ve planned a week off work as well just to catch up on CFA and try to get my mind in the clear, hopefully it works.

As pathetic as it sounds, it was my first true ‘love’. I really do feel pathetic writing that as I like to think logically, but it was the first person I had strong emotions for (I’m 24 if that helps?). I really do wish that I could go back in time and prevent this from happening, and as depressing as it sounds, the memories will stay with me for life. I can never view her in the same light after this. ‘Better to have loved and lost than to not loved at all?’ Yeah right…

The only silver lining to my cloud is as swatty27 said, it’s better that it’s over now rather than a month/week or so before the exam. In these past several weeks I have experienced all the spectrum of emotions, I have to channel my anger, and frustration, the hurt in to passing the level 1. If I don’t pass, I will never forgive myself.

I know how you feel man, same happened to me. Head up, keep your focus and pass that test. Focus on the things you can change the outcomes to, not the things you can’t.

Wishful thinking, you shouldn’t raise his hopes like that.

who cares, when he passes his exam, he won’t be sorrow about the breakup!