Personal Study Notes - Available for 1 Week

Hi guys, Unlike level 1 where I was able to share all my set of notes, this would be hard to be done here for copyright issues. Nevertheless, I have selected what, in my opinion, the most important chapters and I’m uploading my personal study notes for them here - the link will expire in 1 week time … Chapters are: Reading 23 Intercorporate Investments Reading 24 Employee Compensation: Post-Employment and Share-Based Reading 25 Multinational Operations Reading 33 Mergers and Acquisitions Reading 41 Valuation in Emerging Markets Reading 42 Discounted Dividend Valuation Reading 43 Free Cash Flow Valuation Reading 49 Private Equity Valuation Reading 56 Valuing Bonds with Embedded Options Reading 62 Option Markets and Contracts Reading 63 Swap Markets and Contracts Reading 66 Portfolio Concepts The notes: On a different note, listen to this new masterpiece … will reduce your stress level before the exam hopefully :slight_smile: Om

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Really appreciate the efforts dude … :slight_smile: … All the best :slight_smile:

hahaha edge of glory - lady gaga …nice touch :slight_smile: Thanks bro

Anytime guys … Niel: it is Gaga … has to be a nice touch lol on a different note, you got to be amazed by number of lurkers you find honestly :stuck_out_tongue: Omar

like the disclaimer

happyen83 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > like the disclaimer not looking to be sued dear By the way, if someone wants specific chapter that is not mentioned, email me at omaradnan2 @ gmail . com doesnt guarantee answer though :slight_smile:

Thanks for this, definitely helps a lot!

Thanks Omar, your notes will surely be very useful to me, especially the derivatives topics! Cheers!!!

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Thanks Omar they look good

good notes. too long/thorough for my taste, but i will print and give them a look. thx.

Anytime guys … Prophets … True - they are long especially for those chapters (other chapters are kinda shorter and more summarized) - I guess level 2 is detailed so I had to go with details a bit to help in review … my L1 notes were way more concise than this but I guess we improve by time lol Omar

Thanks Omar, much appreciated!!!

these are really detailed, very nice job. At this point tho, I’m trying to avoid reading stuff; just writing and re-writing formulas, and doing problems. Anyone else taking this approach, or are people still reading sections of text and notes for review?

Anytime Magic: i guess i won’t use them either … I will probably just make use of formulae there as I guess it’s late to revise in details … might use them as main study source if I repeat the level, God forbid

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