Peyton Manning's Future

How do you think Manning’s remaining years will develop? Team: a) Dolphins b) Jets c) Redskins d) Titans e) Other, which one? Playing: a) Elite, usual self b) Good c) Average d) Poor Another Super Bowl? a) Hell no, he used to choke in the playoffs even before his neck surgeries, now another Super Bowl run is out of the question. b) Yes, he only needs a decent defense and some running game. Would you rather have him playing QB in your team? a) No, I’m the Saints/Packers/Patriots/Giants b) No, I’m good and trust my QB c) Yes, Manning in a wheelchair is better than my QB

e) Cardinals




More interesting question to me is where Mario Williams goes. Scary to think how good the Pats would be if they get him.

I’m gonna say Saints.

I think Saints will also make a play for RG3

^ Huh? The Saints just tagged Brees, and will most likely sign him to a long term deal. Regardless - why would Peyton want to come into the train wreck that is the Saints offseason?

My answers.

a) Dolphins. He needs good weather or a dome. Cardinals is also a good option, but if he’s considering another deep playoff run, he needs to stay in the AFC.

c) Average playing at best, maybe poor playing in '12.



Also, don’t think Belichick will pay Mario Williams’ money.

I think it’s most likely he goes to the Jets, but I wouldn’t at all be surprised if he comes here to KC. The Chiefs damn near got tampering charges for saying they want him. We’ll probably try, and if we don’t land him we’ll trade up to get RG3.

I also think the Saints are a very real possibility. Brees is very unhappy with the franchise tag and it would be a home coming for the Manning family. Saints will likely lose Sean Peyton for a few games and the D coordinator, but I really don’t think that would bother Manning. It’s close to home, in a dome and a team that is already a contender.

KC has a better chance at signing Manning than they do moving up to get RG3. Cleveland can offer the # 4 and #22 picks THIS YEAR, any other team is going to have a hard time topping that.

Brees is 33 or so, and will want a mega payday, I don’t think it’s in Saints interest to give it to a guy who maybe on the decline soon. Manning is going to be playing for pride and trophies, and will come at a lower salary to the homeland. This will also allow the Saints to sign Nicks, Colston etc.


c.) Redskins. Snyder is probably crapping his pants right now with anticipation.


b.) Good. Coming off an injury, new teammates, new coach, AND new playing style/playbook…

Another Superbowl?

a.) No. Maybe some playoff wins.

Do I want an injured and aging FORMER elite QB on my team?


I’m not 100% sure but I believe that if you franchise tag a player you are obligated to give him a one-year guaranteed contract paying the average salary of the top 5 highest paid players in the position, unless you negotiate a new contract. That means it would be cost prohibitive for the Saints to sign Manning, even if they can’t work out a long term deal with Brees.

Chiefs, Cardinals, Seahawks, or 49ers - I think he’ll play solid. Depending on team could get another superbowl. I think he’ll be mad motivated and will play solid.

Would love to see him on the SeaChickens, but let’s be honest, Seattle never makes good decisions at the QB position, so that will never happen (I’m scarred for life after watching years of Kitna and Hasselsuck underperformance). Put me in the Jerry Rice camp as well, Peyton would be a solid addition to the niners.

You are correct that franchise tag results in a 1 year deal at the average of the top 5 for the position. However, the player has to sign the tag, holdout, or sign a new deal. Brees has indicated that he will not sign the tag because he wants a long-term megadeal like Manning and Brady have received in the past. I’m not so sure the Saints will give it to him, so he would become a holdout (i.e. the Saints will have Chase Daniel as their starting QB). Manning has indicated that he is willing to sign a very cap-friendly, low-risk deal for the right team. I think the Saints are that team. They’ll work a deal to move Brees to a team that will give him a long-term deal and they’ll sign Manning and Wayne.

There’s no chance Manning will go to New Orleans. Brees won’t hold out. He’s too old to miss a whole season. The only way he leaves is if another team gives up two first round picks for him and the Saints don’t match their offer. The Saints are under no obligation to offer him a new deal, but they probably will.

Brees played under the franchise tag his last year in SD and got hurt. I don’t think he’s willing to take that risk again and wants a deal that will make it nearly impossible to re-sign Marques Colston or Carl Nicks. Manning has already said he’ll sign a cap-friendly deal. Here’s what I think happens:

Brees signs the tag, is immediately traded and immediately signs a long-term deal with his new team (no idea who that will be, maybe Miami).

Saints sign Manning to a very reasonable 3 year deal. Re-sign Carl Nicks and sign Reggie Wayne. Marques Colston signs elsewhere.

I hope Manning signs with the Texans.

  1. He will shove it in Indy’s face twice a year

  2. He will play in an easy division

  3. He will join a team on the cusp of being a SB contender, especially if Andre Johnson is healthy

  4. He will have a strong D and awesome running game

Schaub is good, but adding a healthy Manning makes them a legitimate SB contender and AFC powerhouse for the next 3 years.

If I’m Baltimore, I’m inquiring too. If things go sour and Manning gets injured, it’s not hard to find another Flacco. Same with the Jets with Sanchez.

I say he goes to the Niners. They’re already a Super Bowl contender and Alex Smith isn’t all that great. The team also has enough cap room to sign both Manning and Wayne. If Manning can help Michael Crabtree and Ted Ginn Jr. (both are top 10 draft picks) reach half of their potential, San Fran will be very scary.

Also, playoff is almost guaranteed in that weak division.

I say he goes to the Cardinals - he will love Larry Fitzgerald as a target. They have a solid run attack. Good head coach.