Philly cheesesteak

Wtf is so good about this that everyone keeps blathering on about?

I tried in South street and it is like a fancy subway sandwich. 4/10

Which is the best spot to try this ?

Not a chain or seemingly nice restaurant. The best phillies are in greasy, hole-in-the-wall joints that have had the same 1 or 2 cooks for 10 years. Some bars also get them right.

Best one is the one in the shadow of Lincoln Financial Field. Tony Luke’s.

For cheesesteaks the below are considered very good, although Steve’s or Jim’s would be more centrally located (and not as good).

South Philly:


It’s honestly more about sandwiches in general, although the cheese steaks get the press for some reason. For good sandwiches:

Dinic’s in Reading Terminal Market:


Paddy’s Pub makes the best.

Cheeseburger > Cheesesteak

Not even close, cheese steaks in Philly are far better.

Tony Lukes, Ginos over Pats, Sonny’s Famous Steaks are good and Continental Old City has a good Cheesesteak Egg Roll.

Also, order it with peppers and cheese wiz. People are split about 40/60 on whether or not to eat with ketchup.

Camryn Manheim created one of those on Stumptown.

Meh. Every time I’ve ordered a cheesesteak I usually find myself asking for lettuce, mayo, american cheese, onions, tomato, steak, and then I’m usually found scratching my head why I didn’t just get a burger instead. 4

That’s the problem though. For starters A) it has to be in Philly, if you’re comparing cheese steaks elsewhere you’re not talking about the same thing. B) If you are you Philly, it is cheese steak with whiz and peppers. The rest you described is not right.

I’m out of touch on that, been out of the city for too long. Philly is a weird but great city though, there isn’t really “a street” it’s a series of very small very distinct neighborhoods you just get used to skipping around between. It also makes it hard for tourists to get into because there’s a little more experience required to doing it right. Best bet is just to find someone who knows what’s going on and follow them around for a night.

Swan - our entire ops is LOCATED in Berwyn. You know this!! I’ve visited numerous times, but, the worst “cheesesteak” I’ve ever had had actually been experienced in Philly. It’s inexcusable (especially for a man with your standards).

Ill put it more simply - cheesesteaks suck. But do agree that you ought to always go out with someone who knows the area.

I haven’t had a burger or cheese steak in probably a year, but I’m not going to yuck somebody else’s yum. So insecure.

What neighborhood you want to go to depends on what you want to be doing. There is no single street where “everything is going on.” It’s not Vegas or a small town with a single main street.

It’s possible you just don’t know what good food is.

Philly just isn’t built that way, it’s like micro streets also I haven’t living there in 10ish years, the night life has changed a lot.

Saying someone is insecure is extremely insecure.

Man, it’s like beef, bread, cheese, along with peppers and onions if you want (get your salad on the side).

How’s it possible that you like burgers but don’t like the combinations of those ingredients in a different form?

Did…did you just call yourself insecure? Yes, you did.