Picking up women . . . 2

She’s driving a Ferrari but you’re only driving an S2000?

Man, everyone is really up S2000’s ass recently. Give the dude a break.

I think it goes something like this:


Anyone who puts “only” immediately in front of “driving an S2000” has never driven an S2000.


What was her answer?

(The in-the-gutter part of my brain immediately said her answer should be “honk if you love them” which you did… but probably that’s not how it went.)

She didn’t drive one; she was (and is) a fan.

Thirty-six years ago, it was incredibly easy for me to pick up chicks.

I met a girl once.

Congrats S2000!


The rub, I take it, is that she also met you?

(Sorry: too good a line to pass up.)

Congrats S2000.

I think stories about how long-time couples met is interesting. Much more interesing than most people’s work, the dream they had last night or the drunk vegas story.

I hit the 20 year mark this year myself. She supported me through some tough CFA times.

^What if you met through work or while drunk at Vegas?

My story is more insidious - I met a girl at a bar and began a series of one-night stands with her. (She was five years older than I and had two kids and was freshly divorced. In no way did I want a serious relationship, and I let her know that.) A few months in, I met her friend, and in time, started liking her friend more than her. Her friend spurned my advances for the better part of a year, but I eventually wore her down.

We started dating, and ten years later, we’re about to hit the seven-year anniversary–with two kids.

Is your wife still friends with that woman?

^ I had the same thought and am willing to bet money that it’s a resounding NO!

^No (they’re not friends anymore), although it has nothing to do with me. They stayed friends for a while, but then the friend did something work-related that was really stupid, and she wound up pissing off the whole campus. (She was the campus rep for the teacher’s union.) Eventually she (the friend) left and went to another school district.

So these are teachers? This is getting better and better.

The funny thing is, not long after I started dating my now-wife, I had the opportunity to switch back (because the friend was pretty desparate). I might have had the opportunity to do both (no pun intended, and not at the same time), but I thought that was dangerous territory. So I just stuck with the new one and it turned out pretty well.

The principal at the school was a real perv, so he hired a lot of hot young girls as teachers all at the same time. When I went out with her and her friends, I was like a kid at a candy store.

Then they all got older, got married, and started having kids at the same time. (Us included.) It’s kind of a shame we had to move, because they were a pretty tight group.

Moral of the story - never go for a younger guy.