need some suggestions… need recommendations for a good pillow.

I would recommend investing it in your local credit union. They’re generally better than banks.

Why did you kiss my ear?

Why are you holding my hand?

Where’s your other hand?

Between two pillows.

Those aren’t pillows!


what does taht have to do with pillows?

have you never heard of a pillow kerpal?

I just got a new pillow from Ikea but can’t remember the name. It’s 85% down and 15% feathers. I love it. I think it was $65 for queen-sized.

47 GIFs For Any Trolling Scenario

igor now i will give you test of your own medicine.

I like very flat pillows. No fluff for me and feathers make me itch. I got a firm cotton pillow from the bed bath and beyond.

Breaking your vow to never post in Water Cooler unless talked about today with the post on homeopathy was under the guise to “contribute positively to WC section and help other AF members”.

How does THIS comment contribute positively or help AF members?

You asked for recommendations on investing a pillow. Read what you wrote. Like RR says, you’re responsible for what you write.

I would suggest exchanging it for currency. Your options will be much greater.

I have asked igor to ignore me and my threads.For past 6 months he is posting nonsense gifs on all my threads every where on AF.

I am just giving him test of his own medicines.

tempur-pedic pillows fool

This troll is putting out some good bait. “Don’t mind me guys, just back to tell you I stutter and have hemorrhoids”

sorry my translator malfunctioned

This is what i wanted.You have ruined your thread.

trollish comment.