plans until results are out

I plan to pick up few books from amazon, that are relevant to CFA curriculum. How about others?

Ween myself away from this place.

Chuckrox8 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Ween myself away from this place. seriously…every day its like I passed, I didnt pass! I’ve already commented on 3 questions to CFAI through the site…i need to let this go! hanging out and having fun until the 28th and praying that I didnt Band 10 (or worse) again…

I picked up second hand Level II texts. The sensible thing would be to review Level I just in case we need to retake it in December but that’s like preparing to fail… scary.

billbellemy22, what do you mean you commented on 3 questions to CFAI through the site? Like complained about some? thanks Ben

Plan would be to scare Sh!tless, navigating AF albeit knowing it will have a worse impact on my expectation.

I’ll stay away CFA books for a while, 1 weeks or so. Then start reading FRA again. Even if I’ll pass, I still need reasonable sound knowledge of FRA for level 2

I’m trying to improve my knowledge of Excel at the moment. I have to have some sort of project, otherwise I just waste all my time watching TV or something.

Can’t study or review anything if there’s a slight chance I passed. So this is my vacation from the studying. I highly recommend you all do the same.

plan to do some research about the subject from the CFA books with actual data, anybody has good topics? I think this will be helpful to better understand knowledge on the CFA books.

Studying for CAIA, getting PADI certified, working on excel modeling skills, getting ready for next reporting season, deciding what to do in September (six sigma v wall street prep v CIPM-L1).

@cfacowtown, you are Investment Analyst certification collector, aren’t you? :smiley: BTW, I also want to study excel modeling, would you suggest any books?

I might be labeled that way, but i’m more interested in the skills/knowledge/applicability. I doubt i’ll pay membership fees or even list a large majority of the designations I get on anything. I find them useful for two reasons (1) structured approach to studying, forces me to focus on one thing and master it, while I would otherwise take a read through the book and move on (2) Gives precedence to job mobility if I should need it. Having skills like financial modeling/CFA go together, also being able to analyze risk/reward factors FRM/PRM gives you more opportunities in down markets and so on. People on this message board frown upon “collecting certificates” but since when has it been bad that you continually acquire new information, and master additional skills. Imagine you are a project manager for a oil and gas firm. If you have a six sigma black belt, you can reduce redundancies and costs while increasing profits. If you also have a risk management knowledge base (FRM/PRM) you can eliminate components that don’t fit well into companies risk/reward factors/models. Also if you have have an alternative investment knowledge base (CAIA), you can evaluate additional opportunities to profit off private equity or other alternative methods to gain further success in your project. And with financial modeling skills you can further your assets by incorporating skills from CFA, CAIA, FRM into increasingly more and more accurate models. Jack of all trades in a way. The good thing about this is that, people are to lazy to put in effort that they don’t immediately see returns on. The more knowledgeable you make yourself, the more indispensable you become and so on. The thing that people forget is that these all expand on topics not covered in other materials. So its not redundant, you are simply building a skill set for you to rely on. I am also a strong believer that none of these certificates will get you any significant advantage by the letters alone. The advantage comes in the material you master. This is likely to get a lot of heat…but my opinion will remain the same.

Oh, and try wall street prep That is by far the best modeling service out there.

Yes. Wall Street Prep financial and valuation modeling self study course is fantastic, and your knowledge from the FRA portion of level 1 will make the learning curve on the modeling course less steep.

Thanks. I’ll try Wall Street Prep @cfacowtown. I’m just kidding. Understand all you said, just can’t believe that you can study all such things at the same time :slight_smile:

Ph00bb, There are a couple different selections you can choose from on WSP. If you are going into banking or O&G, I highly recommend you take the specific approach. Otherwise, they have a great generalist package. I am taking the generalist + O&G…they are fantastic.

I picked up a few novels from amazon… it’s good to read something other than CFA material for a bit.

cfacowtown, which generalist package from WSP are you using, did you go with the premium?

  • Premium Package - Oil & Gas Modeling