Please post progress so far

Please post your progress so far,i have entire equity portfolio management material to go …Fixed income is literally killing me right now !

Completed it.

Lol you are not allowed to troll here, guys…

Also completed it, thx

You’re still going through material? I am already done as well.

Finished going through the curriculum last Friday.

Now it’s just review, CFAI online problems and mocks until June 15th.

Atta boy Rex

Says who? That’s all I basically care to do online. I may not even be in the CFA program. I may work at Whole Foods for all you know.

ahahaha get 'em CEO!

oh, i’m also done as well. Onto bigger and better things, like the FRM. And yeah, I might be working at Safeway or even Foodlion if you’re lucky catch me in the diary aisle :wink:

today i will finish reading 21 and start the 4th book, im on the plan but i will finish my paid vacations and take unpaid one but the bonus after CFA will cover it :slight_smile:

I am finishing book 2 of Schweser; I started with Book 2. This Book 2 is such a boring read I am taking so many notes and I am just ready to move onto book 3 with more calculations.

I am taking off 3 weeks before the exam, and could take off a 4th if I need to. Definitely a slow start, but hoping to finish book 3 and 4 in by end of Feb.

1094 pages in. Just started FI, which is so far the toughest one.

I applaud you for reading the original text the Schweser is condensed and it is still so cumbersome.

FI is killer , it is taking forever to finish it also …

Just starting Reading 20 in the official textbook.


Just finished the qbank on CFAI website… I got 72% right and it has me at 91%ile.

Finished with readings 5 - 26, going through Equities now. I found it helped to switch between FI and ethics on long study days over the weekend. For example, putting in 1.5 hours of FI, then switching to reading 1&2 of ethics for an hour, then another 1.5 of FI.

It helped to switch gears for a bit, particularly if you’re trying to put in four or five hours on a Saturday. It also helps refreshing your knowledge of the code & standards, which should make things easier down the road.

I have the two last readings left (performance evaluation and gips - which I’m dreading).

And I forgot literally everything I read since last Sept.

Honestly L3 is so intimidating.

Honestly once you finish FI and start doing some questions… it is probably one of the easier topics. Once you get it you get it. The more subjective questions like Private Management and Institutional’s tend to be a lot tougher when going through mocks, in my humble opinion anyways.

C’mon bro. We’ve all sang the same tune. I remember looking at my L1 and L2 books initially and being like “TF have I gotten myself into now?”… So, let’s just all shut up and put in the work and then on exam day we’ll b|tch slap the thing like we did the first two.