Please Stop

“Throw the baby out with the bath water” I am just so tired of f’ing hearing it. Yes, CNBC, I’m talking about you. Just stop.

that’s why its usually kept on mute.

I hate the expression “It is what it is” After all, tautologies are tautological.

bchadwick Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I hate the expression “It is what it is” > > After all, tautologies are tautological. i agree with it is what it is. also “at the end of the day” when used too much get’s really annoying

You watch CNBC?

my fav. from a couple weeks ago was, “The market is adjusting higher now that the worst of the subprime is behind us…”

Personally I hate the phrase “we will cross that bridge when we get ther”…no crap, how can you cross a bridge before you get there??

gobucksgo Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > You watch CNBC? I wish for a slient Erin Burnett topless and Rick Santelli commented on markets, that’s all i’d ask for…dump the other losers… & please, no more Jack Welch on financial markets, sure he built a GE empire, but I don’t need him talking about how the markets will be fine. No $hit, I bet in 20 years, we will be higher then we are today… Art Cashin is decent i guess.

"I wish for a slient Erin Burnett topless " Second. And also, I really wish someone would punch that blonde lady (Melissa?) in the face… multiple times. She is worthless.

What is the appropriate amount of feet from which to give an overhead view? I’ve heard 1,000, 10,000, 30,000 and 100,000.

Gents… I think MANY of us are tired with hearing SEVERAL things we hear day-in day-out on that propaganda network…what a bunch of lozers. And Maria Bartiromo has got to be the most annoying person on the planet, followed closely by Mark Haynes who - for a time - was quite pleasant. Willy

Financial pornography. I don’t watch it.

I don’t mind CNBC for the 15 minutes at 6:30am I watch it every morning…quick overview of the markets, that ridiculous newpaper segment and the newsbreak with some random hot MSNBC girl is over-all a pleasing 15 minutes before the gym. I also don’t mind Kudlow and company…he’s always good for a few extreme right comments.

Larry Kudlow is right wing?? nah! Next thing your going to tell me is that Lou Dobbs is a protectionist!

I don’t know who Lou Dobbs is…I only watch Fox.

I prefer Bloomberg over CNBC at work. Use to like Brian Sullivan in the a.m. time slot, now he’s part-comedian during his new lunch slot— getting annoying As bad as CNBC is, it’s nothing compared to Fox News’ finance shows on the weekend mornings (haven’t watched their new financial news channel). I would rather be tied to a chair, given an IV of caffeine and forced to watch endless episodes of Mama’s Family than watch those clowns…“HEY, WE CAN YELL AND HAVE A FUN ALL AT THE SAME TIME. BUT FIRST MY STOCK PICKS…”

gobucksgo Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > You watch CNBC? I watch CNBC…“youse got a problem wit it?”

there is nothing wrong with Maria Bartiromo…

Every morning I look at Becky Quick and I think dang, she should be hot. But she’s just not.

I think Kudlow and Company is the most informative financial news show.