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I forgot to mention that you can also add an image to your profile.

not very convenient if looking for job change though … BTW, any chance to set up a CFA Job forum?

I tried to put in a picture but I don’t think it worked, at first it just said “Black Swan’s picture” with a link but it didn’t go anywhere, and then I deleted it. Also, you should have a profile field for CURRENT (not target) industry sector allowing people to choose between options like Ops, Risk, SS ER, BS ER, IB, BS IR (investment research), Corporate finance, Internal Reporting, Accounting, Student, etc. It should be mandatory and show up under their icon to add context to their input on various discussions.

hey chad. it seems my AF points have been lost. I’m quite sure i’m investment grade or better…

When I logged in - I am seeing a whole host of error/warning messages… Notice: date_default_timezone_set() []: Timezone ID ‘-4’ is invalid in drupal_session_initialize() (line 261 of /home/analystf/public_html/includes/ Warning: timezone_open() [function.timezone-open]: Unknown or bad timezone (-4) in date_default_timezone_object() (line 1353 of /home/analystf/public_html/sites/all/modules/date/date_api/date_api.module). Warning: date_create() expects parameter 2 to be DateTimeZone, boolean given in date_views_filter_handler_simple->date_default_value() (line 56 of /home/analystf/public_html/sites/all/modules/date/date_views/includes/ Warning: timezone_open() [function.timezone-open]: Unknown or bad timezone (-4) in date_sql_handler->get_offset() (line 150 of /home/analystf/public_html/sites/all/modules/date/date_api/ Warning: DateTime::setTimezone() expects parameter 1 to be DateTimeZone, boolean given in DateObject->setTimezone() (line 231 of /home/analystf/public_html/sites/all/modules/date/date_api/date_api.module). Warning: timezone_open() [function.timezone-open]: Unknown or bad timezone (-4) in date_default_timezone_object() (line 1353 of /home/analystf/public_html/sites/all/modules/date/date_api/date_api.module). Warning: timezone_open() [function.timezone-open]: Unknown or bad timezone (-4) in date_default_timezone_object() (line 1353 of /home/analystf/public_html/sites/all/modules/date/date_api/date_api.module). Warning: DateTime::format() [datetime.format]: The DateTime object has not been correctly initialized by its constructor in DateObject->format() (line 241 of /home/analystf/public_html/sites/all/modules/date/date_api/date_api.module). and so on, on each page… Not sure what needs to be done. Thanks CP

please ignore the last comment - my country/timezone were not properly set on my profile. Once I set those it worked fine and the error messages went away. thanks

Thanks cpk123. That is good to know. I will still look into this so that others do not experience the same issue.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I will look into this and will keep you posted. Just put this link in your sig BS. It’s a blast from your past.

CvM i imagine that it must be quite difficult investing with hyperinflation…do you just go 100 gold?

Chad, I lost about 200-300 points as well as I was over 2k comments but now am at 1846. No biggie, just wanted to let you know that it seems like some of the points are getting dropped.

Yeah, I lost a few hundred, I figured its probably because you only loaded back 3 years or something? But I was just guessing.

Dwight, I think the issue is that the old forum counted posts that were pruned over the years. I will add points to your account to match the old site.

There is an issue with the avatar image upload that we’re working on. I will let you know when it’s fixed so that you can add an image to your account.


The avatar upload has been fixed. Let’s see those pictures.

Matt… a bit unfortunate what they’ve done with your name there.


Oh my. That’s definitely an unexpected bug haha. Matt, if you’d like I can change your user name to include spaces so it will flow to the next line and won’t get clipped at that eh… awkward spot. We’re considering new layouts for the comment sidebar so it may no longer be an issue after that. Or perhaps I’ll augment the user name code to add spaces between words with capital letter separators automatically in this case.