Pledge to ignore purealpha

purealpha has become a monster troll here lately. His posts are antagonistic and add no value.

Downvote or ignore option would be nice to have on this forum, but we don’t so I, for one, will be ignoring his posts.

I’m sure he’ll find this hilarious, but the more who ignore him, the less trolling we’ll have.

Who else is with me?

Isn’t this thread a bit counterproductive… like people who Reply All to email chains telling others to not Reply All.

Back in my BONY days there was a “Test” email that was sent to the entire company. The amount of people that clicked reply all and sent an email to every person in the company was astonishing. It bogged down the email servers for around 4-6 hours, clients were calling furious we werent responding to them. All the while people responding to this email clearly marker “Test” from a system admin saying “I believe I received this email in error” at varying levels ranging from analyst to multiple VPs.

I told people I assumed BNY wanted to clean house and figured anyone dumb enough to reply all to that email was to be a part of the culling. Actually not a bad test, find out who is a complete moron working for your firm quickly that way.

I worked there at that time from Pittsburgh (were you in Chitown at the time?), it was hysterical. Every time someone would accidentally send out a mass email to a distribution list, you’d get inundated with people replying all asking if it was in error or if perhaps they shouldn’t be on this distribution list. Then after about an hour people would reply all telling other people to stop replying all. We’d watch it go on between the ops people for an entire day (this happened several times over 5 years). Finally things would slow down a bit and some lady in charge of the list would inevitably sign on in all caps saying everyone needed to stop replying all and that was usually when I’d step in and reply all saying, “I believe I may be on this distribution list in error.” One time an executive VP took the time out of his day to tell me to knock it off. I still think 60% of those emails were people dicking with 40% of people that couldn’t take a childish joke on a slow day. It’s a very back office slanted company. I’ve never encountered it like it was at BNY, I really think it was a cultural satire, most people there hated that company.

Na I was in Willmington DE. Worked back office as most people in the company do and yea pretty sure 99% of the people there hated the company. Here is a proper troll email to someone at my current company (significantly smaller than bony) asking if anyone lost a $5. Formatting may be jacked.

[Persons name] appreciate your honesty and diligence. But from a cost/benefit analysis these sorts of emails, of which there are oddly a lot here at [our company], would appear to be less than cost effective. Based on my math the costs of these emails is much greater than any of the objects ever referenced:

Weekly hours: 40

Weeks/Year 52

Minutes Per Year 2,080

Avg Salary (estimate) $50,000

Salary per minute $0.40

Time spent reading your email (minutes) 0.5

Opportunity cost per employee of email $0.20

of employees reading email 2,500

Company total opportunity cost of email: $501

The rule should just be going forward that unless the object is more than $500 the much more cost effective approach would be to take these items to security and put them in lost and found.

i love a good cringe at an accidental reply to all.

To the original point, AF had bad form when it comes to ignoring trolls.

^That’s a world class troll level


What happens when the moderator himself is the troll? Inmates are running the asylum.

I don’t understand why people engage him, I pretty much stop checking any thread I see his name affiliated with.

I appreciate this thread. Sometimes a reminder is needed for the greater good.

Oh that’s right Palantir is the other big troll. Hey OP you forgot a name, please add

Tread lightly. HRC will send federal agents to hunt you down, and since you’ve given up the right to guns, you won’t be able to do anything.

where is bchad. cleveland?

I think PA adds value. Anyone who incites you to defend your worldview or challanges your reasoning is causing you to strengthen your own perception and ideas… or discover that you should abandon them after all. Either way, through the process you get stronger. It would be one thing if he was being deliberately rediculous or unreasonable to piss people off but I do not gather that. I think he is just passionate about his point of view and gets off on winning arguments*. So, suck it up people!

*…or he could just be completely trolling us all, in which case I still think there is value in defending one’s ideas (even agaist a troll). Helps you build a stonger understanding of your own position. You know, devil’s advocate and whatnot.

^You obviously didn’t see his since mod deleted comments on Dallas. And just a friendly reminder. Your back and forth in the investment section with him will not help you. Trust me. Both your orders are played and picked. Notice that no one else joins the discussion. But I find it cute. Carry on. What do I know.

Ignore anyone if you must but colluding like this is premature and stupid. As I see it everyone here is a sac full of shit anyway.

^Sounds like a lot of these people aren’t anonymous. Adds some credibility, no?

The conversations in Investments have helped me. I often look into the trades PA is talking about and in my effort to undertand them, I learn something even if I don’t agree with them all the time. I have also made some progress in addressing one of my cognitive biases through discussions with others trading the same sentiment. I get along with PA just fine becasue I don’t get all upset when the delivery of his arguments are politically incorrect or insensitive. I just strip that away and think about the fundaments of what he is saying. He makes some interesting points that I don’t mind considering. Thought all of you folks in finance where supposed to have this vulcan mental constitution and ignore your emotional knee jerk reactions.

^You do realize you are competing with people that spend 10s of millions on people, software and equipment in a zero sum game? Some on this board even work for those people. A couple are those people. What you should be doing is thinking long and hard on why you think you can get the odds in your favor? Even the counter parties that are just hedging don’t intend to lose. Some people win at craps, but never forever.