Poll to indicate if you see link to Level III

Guys, I thought it would be wise idea to take a poll on the link by indicating what you see when you log into the CFAI site and to indicate what part of the world you wrote the exam. I will start first by stating that I wrote the exam in Toronto and I notice the level III link early in the morning.

L III link Exam in NJ Last name B

I saw the L3 think late on 8/16 Location - MN.

Late today, LIII link, PA

Got the l3 link few minutes ago. Location - Singapore.

Late today around 8pm. Location North Carolina Last Name R Candidate ID 226xxxx

i see level 2 registration link. this means i failed!

I am from Pakistan, Asia.

Few minutes ago link to LIII. Location - AKL, Last name- G

i aksed someone and they said they saw link and passed last year. it seems if you see the link, you passed. if you did not, you still have a shot. man, i cant believe the CFAI hasnt fixed this!

Just checked for the first time and see the link Dallas Last name - M

I got it, took it in Boston, last name starts with M

I have the link as well. If this is a head fake I am going to be PO’d

I got it yesterday Boston Initials: MC # 224xxxx

hi all… I’m back…it’s been a while…hope all are well… anyway… although I don’t know what this means… I see the LIII link Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Last Name: M

I didn’t see it when I check around 5 o’clock eastern time yesterday. Didn’t check again until this morning. Now I see Level III link Location: New York Last name: P Candidate #: 226XXXX

I checked about 6pm central time yesterday and saw it. Had been checking every couple of hours yesterday after lunch. Dallas S

I see it - Location: Washington DC Last name: C

I got L3. EVERYONE is getting l3 - it’s like 90% pass rate. that’s dumb. CFA needs to stop screwing around if they want everyone to believe they are committed to their own standards of professional conduct.

Link to level III London, last name W