Poll: you get your first finance job from school career service or job board/headhunter?

Please answer. Thanks,

my school career center was useless

neither. On-line app to I-bank

My school.


Phone book. My school career center was also worthless… Online applications are also very easy to overlook / delete. Gobucksgo: Which “Bucks” does this refer to?

just applied online. That should be my first clue…

In the process now (I know- I am late in the game) and I believe my school career center is useless as well. I am going to apply online all through Spring break. Checking already, some investment banks/ companies have rolling deadlines but on others your only opportunity is a month or so in the fall. Perhaps my school could get my resume to those places. Sorry for getting sidetracked, but hopefully I can give you my answer in a few weeks to months, MBA.

headhunter - 9 months out of school

Danteshek, You found your first job 9 months out of school? Are you a Phd or MBA? In this job market, I plan to be out of job for 6 months while looking for jobs.

Found it online, but the company actually ended up being someone that recruited at my school and I didn’t initially hop on the opp when they were actively recruiting at my school. Somewhat of a last resort…

TPain88, Do you mind sharing what website you are using?

i got mine through the business fraternity i was in. the school sucked at placing people

MBAFinance Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Danteshek, > > You found your first job 9 months out of school? > Are you a Phd or MBA? > > In this job market, I plan to be out of job for 6 > months while looking for jobs. I had two crap jobs before I found what I was looking for. One in management dev program for a box distribution company, and after that an internship at a small PE firm. I don’t have a graduate degree. Now I’m in client services for a large institutional AM. Seriously though. You talk too much. Read for a while and try to figure things out on your own before asking questions. Also use google.

I found the job through a school job fair. However I was initially rejected by an interviewer at the job fair and then pursued it on my own.

Company came to campus for full time hires and I followed up for internship. Internship turned into full time offer.

internal transfer / job posting within company

I got my first job after graduation because I had forgotten a door code and asked someone “…and by the way, you wouldn’t have a job for me?”. I got my first job as an accountant because someone had just left that company and I was sort of available and educated to take up the task. I got my first job in financial software development as my predecessor went on a long-term maternety leave and they needed someone quickly, I had my CV in some database the manager was drilling into at the time and as I had approximately the right background and could start almost immeadiately that was “good enough”. I got my first job within a fund management company when they had been looking for six months for someone to fit a particular job description, but couldn’t find anyone fitting that description so they decided to try something “different” - me - as per suggestion of the recruiter who had been unable to fill the position. I got one job because I called a recruiter almost on the very day they had landed a new client who had been asking for someone with my profile. I got my current job as someone resigned, I heard about it by coffee machine from a consultant visiting the company where I was working at the time, and so I wrote the CEO a letter…

headhunters out of undergrad? I found my job through an alum. I’ve found that alumni directories are quite valuable (and generally underused).

Alumni directories have been very helpful for me as well, especially if you went to a small school with a tightly knit alumni network.