Post 2013 MOCK results

Hi everyone,

Post your CFA mock morning and afternoon mock results! Let’s get an idea of what people are hitting

Feel free to talk about how you’ve done this time around on the mocks compared to last year (if you are re-taking, and please specify what band you were in)

Trying to get a good idea how representative the CFA mocks are in passing the real deal

I got 75% in the CFA morning session (doing afternoon tomorrow)

Update: feel free to post your exam results of other third party providers but please specify exactly what mock you did, schewser package 1 morning, etc. so we know)

Best of luck to everyone!

Good idea. Not quite at point of doing mocks but will be there in a couple of weeks I hope.

Can we also post which provider we are using (i.e. CFAI, Schweser, FinQuiz, BSAS, etc)?

I just got done with the morning session and got a 75% as well (45/60). I did poorly on fixed income and somehow the equity section gave me some problems as well. I also got tripped up on corporate finance but those are easy fixes where now I (hopefully) won’t make the same mistakes again.

Part of it is fool’s gold because I went 6/6 on portfolio management and I know I’m not that good at that section. Also went 11/12 on FRA and can’t hope to actually do that well on the exam.

KSTHANE - how did you find the overall difficulty of the morning mock? would you say its doable after a first pass of the material, without really having memorized the formulae at this point, or no?

Many Thanks!

Nice job everyone. I bombed. 46% average between morning and afternoon. I read Schweser once. Most of it was just lack of review. As I go over the answers I’m reminded of simple formulae that had just slipped my mind over the past few months.

I didn’t think it was too bad. I have gotten through part of the afternoon portion and so far it’s a lot harder but I haven’t gotten to my good topics yet. I’m expecting a lower score on the afternoon session based on early results though. I would not have done well on this after one pass through the material…but this is my third time taking the Level 2 exam (two band 9 fails in a row).

holy hell…good luck! Hope you make it this round. Scares me.

I just took the 2012 CFAI Mock and scored 72% AM, and 60% PM for a total of 66%. This is my first mock and I have 7 more to take.

What were you scoring on mocks before your past two exams?

@bloodline - sorry to hear about coming so close to passing the exam the last two times - i wish you all the best this time around!

Can I ask what you were scoring the other times you failed on the mocks?

You got me mixed up with someone else mate.

7 more to take? Where are you getting all of these mock exams?

I took the first test in the Schweser practice book and got 73%. The CFAI test is only my second mock exam.

Last year on my first mock exam I think I got about 65% or so, and on the Schweser exams I was always scoring pretty close to 70%. I always seem to start taking them in mid April, by late May on tests I hadn’t seen I was getting high 70%'s and ended up failing.

I was extremely confident walking out of the test last year and was really surprised when I didn’t pass. Interestingly, I wasn’t near as mad failing it the second time with band 9 as I was the first time. The test is just so random in what they’ll hit you with on the small sections that there is a lot of variation that can occur.

Fortunately I already work in the industry so at this point it’s just about pride and about giving myself negotiating leverage for raises, or giving myself a better opportunity to get a different job if I was ever so inclined.

@bloodline sorry man, I meant @Ksthane

I ended up with 63% on the PM round for a total of 69% for the entire exam.

Same ol’ same ol’ for me on the weak areas, Derivatives, Portfolio Management and Fixed Income. I’m just going to hit those areas hard for the next couple of weeks.

Are we talking about the mock exam available via the CFAi website? I thought it was harder than schweser. Wordy and Add kills me. I got a 71 am and 65 afternoon. Not sure how I feel…

Are we talking about the mock exam available via the CFAi website? I thought it was harder than schweser. Wordy and Add kills me. I got a 71 am and 65 afternoon. Not sure how I feel…

It is stuffs like this that makes me shiver. Looks like you’ve got to be scoring in your 80s to have any shot at beating this beast.

KSTHANE how have you changed your study method since the first and second time around? Doing anything different, like focus areas or any advice on ways to enhance your study?


Yeah bloodline i got 75% in last years official mock and failed with a band9…

In the first schweser book of exams you should be getting at least 80%