Post 2013 MOCK results

I took my first Schweser test today (book 1, test 2) and got an average of 75.5% across AM/PM.

Got 65% CFA 2013 afternoon … I’m surprised how much harder the mock questions are compared to the EOC questions - seems pretty misleading if the real exam is this difficult

sadMan I am not able to score 75% in scswer q bank

Schweser 2013 Book 1:

AM: 44/60 - 73%

PM: 42/60 - 70%

Overall 72%

I’m a bit pissed off, I should have scored a bit higher. Got 0/6 in one of the derivatives item sets and 2/6 and 2/6 in Quant and AI. Fixing up them I could get high 70’s/early 80s.

Do you all think it’s a must to do EOC’s before hitting the mocks? I was thinking of taking a mock next week for a “progress check” and haven’t hit the EOCs/BB’s on many of the topics yet. But if I wait, I’m positive it’ll be pushed to May - not sure if that’s a good strategy.


Do a mock as soon as possible IMO

First Schweser Mock Book 1, test one

AM: 69 PM:56

Total: 62.5%

It was challenging but I also got a lot of stupid ones wrong for not reading the questions. Also burndout in the PM section.

This is the first year where I’m actually doing the CFAI EOC questions. I also read the curriculum material instead of the Schweser material for some of the sections that always seem to give me problems.

My problem is that I kept going with the strategy of trying to do extremely well on the bigger sections and all but forgetting anything not basic in the sections I didn’t like. The problem with that strategy for me is that I was getting tricked on stuff I thought I knew cold, like some of the FRA and equity sections. Even though I get near perfects on those in practice exams they always throw curveballs that cause my score to drop on the actual exam.

But I used to skip pretty much anything I couldn’t figure out quickly, like triangular arbitrage or FRA’s. This year I can actually work those questions. Maybe I’ll improve this year all the way to band 10!

Schweser vol.1 AM 73% PM 80%; Overall 77% first mock

I am going to take the next one tomorrow

Some of you guys are smashing it in the mocks! 77%! wow!..

I am shuddering. Havent tried any mocks, just finished first pass of reading (yay). But remembering that in L1 my first mock (elan am) was 45 i am a bit nervous. I cant remember a thing from my readings!!

I am really struggling. Havent finished scswer q bank. Currenlty doing arifs quizzes. Will do mocks after 10 may sad

I tried the 2012 AM Mock, I was doing ok, but then I got to some points where I just forgot how to do things, specifically quant. It was the first thing I studied, so its been a while but I just completely forgot the material. Guess I will be really bunkering down to improve on the tests.

I will attempt cfa mock just 10 days before exam. Right now i am not prepared

Did my first mock today:

Schweser book 1 test 1:

AM 83%

PM 75%

Total 79%

Since january my study has been reading the whole curriculum from schweser and doing EOCs from CFAI. Next i reviewed by going thru all CFAI BB and all summaries and key concepts. Still feels that i miss a lot of concepts so i was a bit scared with the results…

My score in CF and economy item sets was awful, altough i did pretty well in equity and FRA.

.at the same time i am more motivated to crack the books, sleep with formula sheets and live CFA until june 1st.

damn! Looking really good. You must pretty happy with yourself.

I wish I had time to do all the BBs.

Yes i am in some kind of way. but i have that feeling that nothing is acceptable until you receive “the” email.

My 40 day goal now is to pratice every day, without blinking. I work full time but 19pm i am at home for sure; so 3 hours every evening and 4 hours each weekend day.

i feel that i still have to get a lot of concepts fixed in my head. i have a tuff time reding Corp Finance, Pension, Active Port Mgmt, Ec Growth, and some…

But BB from CFAI helped me alot, if you hve some time do them. i´ll re-do every CFA EOC as possible and one mock each 5 days until the test.

i finally braved myself to do mock without second pass or reviewing my notes or 11th,hour. Havent done eoc or pq either

did schweser 1 am mock and my score was miserable 29 pct

good to know i have to work so very hard the next 6 weeks. Going to do pq, eoc, hitting my notes and more mocks next 6 weeks.

what was i thinking registering for june after doing dec level 1 exam?!

Completed my first mock. I did the Schweser Exam # 1.

AM: 62%

PM: 60%

I’m actually surprised I scored this high. I didn’t review at all before testing because I wanted to get an idea of what topics I am struggling on. For Level I, I scored a 54% on my first mock (Elan) 3 weeks before the test and started to freak out. Ended up making a ton of progress just through reviewing and passed Level I surprisingly comfortably.

I was convinced I would score below 50% and would just give up on these last 6 weeks. Now I’m determined to really focus before the test. I would hate to make it this far to fail because of a lack of endurance in crunch time. Keep at it everyone!

man, I jumped into things early and scored a 45% on my first one - it did the opposite of cause me to give up…it lit a fire under my ass. I taped a copy of that results page up at my desk in the office and at home. Since then I’ve taken three full tests:

CFAI 2012 - 66% on 4/6/13

Schweser #2 - 76% on 4/13/13

Schweser #3 - 75% on 4/20/13

im saving Schweser #1 for Memorial Day weekend just before the test.