Post Exam Festivities

I thought I’d try to lighten up the mood a bit. What did everyone do on Saturday night? My girlfriend planned a great evening out with about 15 of my good friends here in Charlotte. I told them it was one of those rare times in life that they could ask me virtually ANYTHING relating to finance/investments and I’d be able to tell them something. After a few drinks my explanations got pretty funny. Long story short I ended up staying out until 4:30 AM and I don’t remember the last 2 hours or so but it was fantastic. I layed in bed and watched football all day Sunday followed by an evening of Guitar Hero III. I was finally able to dedicate the time to beating the final boss battle on Medium. Somehow it was almost as satisfying as finishing L1 haha (JK big time). Anyway, you really don’t realize how much time there is in a day until you have the time. I couldn’t kick the feeling on Sunday of needing to be reading, highlighting, reviewing, etc. It was like I felt guilty for doing nothing. So, let’s hear some good post exam stories.

After the exam, I had a nice dinner out then a few drinks… But the real celebration was taking the bike to Moroso track down here in Florida and riding faster than my boyfriend … and putting a few other guys out there in check too!

Came home around 6:45pm expecting to give good loving to the wife as promised after the exams were over. Felt too exhausted for loving of any sorts and feel asleep at around 7:00pm. Didnt wake up until 7am next morning to go to work. Not really a good post exam story - but thats what happened to me…

I drove 2 hours to Vermont, took family to dinner…4-5 drinks, in bed by 10pm to wake and ski early next day (and not have to think about when i was gonna squeeze in 3hours of study!!!)

hm…i went Karaoke until 1:30am xD Spent Sunday at the outlet mall

I am taking my family on a caribbean cruise to make up for the three months of family neglect -

I took it in London - so it gave me a chance to see some old friends. Met up with them for a meal, got horrendously drunk, played table football, now have badly bruised hands from over-aggressive desperate defense. Next morning, laid in bed in the hotel watching the England vs Sri Lanka cricket, then had 3 course breakfast. Then felt a bit ill. I’ve missed drinking heavily. I figure I can now spend December and January drunk, then knuckle down for 4 months level I/II depending!

I sat in traffic for 2 hrs, and by the time I got home I was so freakin tired I just crashed out…

chris…nice to know that there’s another Cricket fan on the forum! I think Sri Lanka’s got this one down :slight_smile: I was starving after the exam, and hit up this solid Indian buffet place, and then headed out for a fun rock-out jam session with the band :D.

i wanted to party but I passed out after two glasses of wine. I haven’t been drinking for quite a while.

Haha, good story Tokyo3B, almost similar to mine. I wrote in Frankfurt/Germany, had my car parked just across from the testing center. Right after the exam I jumped into my car and started to drive home. Practically brain dead at that time, I just wanted to be with my wife and kid and had not much interest in any other activities. Driving home, I called my wife from the cell-phone, telling that I am on my way, just to learn that one of my friends (nice guy but a real bore I have to say), had come by visiting her. I really wasn’t in the mood to talk bull with him, so I drove around in the dark without being able to think of any reasonable alternative to home. Anyway, after about 2 hours (oh yes, time flies when you re having fun!) I called in again to ask if friend had finally left. No, was the answer, he insisted on waiting for me to shake hands and congrat me! Oh, man… Allright, having lost more than enough time, I drove home, lived through the inevitable and then, finally being really exhausted, just watched TV until I fell asleep.

Yeah Muttiah “is a bit flat” Murali the chucker strikes again…

I drove from LA 2 San Diego to take the test and my wife and I decided to make a weekend out of it in SD. We had a great dinner and were planning on stayin out late, but the crazy hours over the previous couple days took its toll and I ended up crashing at about 9!

My friends and I rented out the basement of a bar and had about 100 people show up. I boozed my face off until 2am and somehow got home. Spent all of yesterday nursing my hangover.

chrismaths Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Yeah Muttiah “is a bit flat” Murali the chucker > strikes again… I won’t even bother defending such an ignorant, stereotypical comment. On the other hand, even if SL took Murali out of the team, England would go down. You must admit that you guys have a pretty crappy record for inventing the game. Sorry to hijack the thread guys.

I went to the Elbow rooms in Shoredich, London and drank heavily! Despite my marginal utility for alcohol decreasing in the latter stages, it seemed well worth it as my exams were over. Woke on Sunday and did it all again. Minus the exam part that is…

I took my wife and 3 year old to a little restaurant near my house where I quickly consumed a gigantic martini. After dinner I went home, poured myself a big glass of scotch, sat in front of the TV and saw that “GoodFellas” was just starting. I thought “Yep, this is what I’ll be doing for the next three hours…” I was asleep within 20 minutes.

I went to my friend’s 30th b-day right after the exam. I was so damn hungry after the test so I just pigged myself out. In addition, there was a good amount of brandy consumed as well.

i froze in the cold to catch a cab home, had crazy home-made indian (not american indian) food, hacked the ice off my car, won some poker money, had a couple of beers, and played xbox with friends for most of the night. not to mention what i did sunday… :slight_smile:

i partied like a rockstar, pretty much. it felt good.