Post here if your using pencil..

…I really hope this isn’t the only post.


I’m using pencil for calculation questions and pen for most of the rest. I’ve seen a few posters mention that they’ve checked with CFAI and that pencil is fine.

I’m using pencil. Easier to erase and I know I will be erasing a lot.



pencil for drawing circles and underline key numbers / facts from each question but when writing my answer, pen for sure

Several Mechanical Pencils 0.5 to 0.7 - w my Pink Pearl Erasure. Crayola Crayon as a backup…

.5 keeps making holes in my paper, I have switched to .7

Pencil for me. Just regular HB pencils, I’ll take 50 of them or so :slight_smile:

pencil here too… I feel smarter when I write with pencil…

pencil here

I’m going to write in pen just for the fact that I wont have my hand cramping and I can write faster in pen, lower friction coefficient

pencil for equations in the oft chance I need to erase :-), pen for writing written “essays” just because I can write faster with pen. Wish I could type on the exam, I’m faster at that. Someday when it is all done on computer. Hopefully I will have passed before that happens :slight_smile:

I’m using pen… to write my name and candidate number on my booklet. After that it’s all pencil baby.

pencil all the way for me too.

I just bought pencils, erasers, and a new calculator battery for exam day. For the first time, I saw something called “liquid graphite” which basically looks like pencil lead coming out of a ball point pen-like structure. It doesn’t smudge (at least not easily), and it comes off quickly with an eraser if necessary. It actually looks almost like grey ink, or black ink that is just beginning to run dry (not so dry as to make it hard to read). You wouldn’t necessarily guess that it is pencil. I’m definitely using it for the essay, though I might use a more smudgy pencil for the PM section.

^might have to drive over to Staples tomorrow to check it out…I think I"m gonna buy some different ones and have my own consumer reports done :slight_smile:

liquid graphite???. Where did you buy them? It seems like the choice of the essay.

I should mention that I llike these Gel pens I have b/c they write so smooth but they smudge soooo easily and even sweaty palms will f it up. So no go on Gel pens.