Post if you've received the "welcome" E-mail!!

Tick! Tock!!

20 bucks says NOTHING happens tomorrow.

You’re on! 20 AF bucks!

My business cards arrived today. That’s all that matters

I am not sure that we will get the welcome email today. The fastest way should be the CFAI login, I think.

Nothing yet. :frowning:

You mofos got me all revved up for this. It better come.

Nothing yet sad 5:51AM EST

Nothing yet… 5:53AM EST

Maybe CFAI does not do anything until “after 9:00 am EST” like with the exam results.

Nada @633 EST

Double Post

CFAI doesn’t open until market hours.

Nothing yet. 7:36am est

The nice thing about this, is that there’s 0% possibility of a fail email today. Otherwise though it feels very similar. I just wanna see it: The Righteous Hacksaw, CFA

You’re right. This is the first time that I’m actually 100% looking forward to recieving an email from CFAI. It sure feels GOOOOOOOD

CFAI, we’ve been dating for over 3 years now; I’ve satisfied your long list of crazy requirements - it’s time you give me what I want…say my name. Say it, GoldenStatePapi, CFA.

^ Put a ring on it CFAI

Come on now baby, say my name…it is sure the last round!

8:51AM and nothing :frowning:

Looked at last years thread. It was this day of the week between 9:15 and 9:30 eastern time that people saw it appear, on this day of the week. I passed in 2012, but needed to wait another year exactly before submitting 4 years work experience. I’m refreshing the CFA website like a madman.