Post your sample exam score here !!

Post your sample exam score here I scored 72 % in first sample exam completed in 90 minutes any comment or suggestion ?

Sample 1: 75%/1 hr Sample 2: 70%/1 hr

Free 60 Q CFAI exam: 68% Going to do the two CFAI mocks on Friday, will update then

Sample 1 73%

Free sample: 68% Sample 1: 85%

Sample 1 46% Sample 2 60%, I think Boo. Interestingly enough… Mock 1 46% Mock 2 59%

All three sample exams - 68%…I should get extra points for consistency! Will try the first mock exam this week…

First sample - 58% Second - 66% Third - 72% I think I start getting used to the way the word the questions… Still a lot of work to do!

Can someone send me the answers to mock exam 2? I want to review at work and having issues with CFAI?

kevinh109 gmail

KJH Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Can someone send me the answers to mock exam 2? I > want to review at work and having issues with > CFAI? I sent it.

Are those just answers? I saw the email, but it looks like something else. I’m not looking for the mock exams as I will be taking them, but just the answers to the 08 Mock Exam 2 since that one was taken last night. I simply want to review today.

Thats all I got…

Sample 1: 80% Sample 2: 65%

can u send it to me too please.

Can someone send me the ans pls- remofriends1@yahoo so that i can review.

I just did Mock Exam #1 Got 70% in slightly over 2 hours…I was getting frustrated and went quickly over some…so I am somewhat surprised to have got a 70 I got at least 50% on everything with 100% in quant and 89% in ethics that obviously helped out a lot…evidently I started very well and then it all went downhill from there…started 39/44 and went 45/76 the rest of the way

awesome jk86! I took the whole 3 hrs on the first mock and 2.25 on the second. Seems like maybe intuition kicks in.

The 2 hours was more out of frustration than thinking I knew what i was doing and flying through lol. I didnt really attempt some of the calculations once I started doing bad in the middle of the exam How did you find the 2nd mock exam compared to #1? I think I’ll do that next week

Actually what I’m more interested in knowing is whether or not #2 has as many calculations as #1…I like the conceptual stuff more…