Potential dealbreakers in a partner

This thread isn’t meant to be about the morality or awkwardness or whatever about dating a coworker.

There’s this girl at my work who I would like to ask out. She’s cute. She has a good family. The problem is that she has food anxiety (first time I’ve heard of it but apparently it’s a thing), which means she eats a very limited selection of food. Being adventurous about food myself, I am so conflicted about this.

What (potential) dealbreakers, besides obesity, do you guys have?

I can’t stand when their elbows are pointy and their eyes are too far apart.

Since this is ostensibly a financial themed forum, it would be difficult to be in a long term relationship with someone who does not have your same view on spending, as this affects your life planning more than almost everything and there is potential for huge divergence in ideology.

But for real:

  1. Doesn’t read 2. Tattoos 3. Bad family relationships (especially with dad) 4. Freaks out over everything (drama) 5. Hasn’t finished college or no job 6. has kids 7. sober 8. Voted for Bernie sanders 9. Isn’t very intelligent (not to be confused with going to college) 10. vegan 11. complains that I don’t text back fast enough
  1. not into music

  2. smells bad

  3. vegan

I would say obese. But I also don’t like:

  1. Older women. Needs to be 30. Enough to make 3 kids.

  2. Ugly women. Needs to be at least in the top 15 percent of females. I don’t want ugly kids.

  3. Uncaring women. Needs to be a good mother. Since I think I will always tell the kids how much they disappoint me.

  4. Loyalty. At least while making a family. I don’t mind if she cheats on me when she’s 40 or something.

  5. Honesty. I want them to always tell me the truth. So I can act accordingly. Dishonesty will cause me to behave badly.

  6. High maintenance. But really I can work with it, if she fills other bubbles then of course I don’t mind paying for the privilege. Assuming I can afford it. So as I get older and uglier but richer this won’t matter at all.

My fiancé barely eats and is very selective. It makes me sad at the buffet. But she is cheap at restaurant cuz we can share meals!

Nery is really a family oriented guy.

Well, there are potentially infinite deal breakers for me, ranging from a violent criminal past to furry (sp?) fetish. Really kind of a silly question.

You’ll probably cheat on her first, amiright6?

I guess Nery’s fear is that he gets cuck’d early and his kids are actually those of some beta. Also, who is this one ripped guy who is hanging out at the bachelorette party? Might be reading a bit too much Reddit I think.

Leave the furries out of this.

Word to the wise - never date a twin.

Been there. Done them.

As a twin, I wouldn’t date me either

its tough to say. it would be easy for me to say i would not cheat. but i cant say that with certainty. maybe i will become happy with a very nice family. maybe the kids disappoint me and they hate me. maybe i will become fat and unattractive and unable to pull better. maybe she becomes fat and unattractive and i feel unsatisfied. maybe i become ultra wealthy and dont want to sell and lose half my net worth, pay child support and alimony. there are countless factors. quite honestly i care a lot about my fiance right now and the factors i mentioned could be major factor as to why, but honestly sometimes i wish i didnt care so much. because ever since i was a kid i always admired charlie sheen and i wanted to take his thinking and apply it globally and be known as mr worldwide. oh my shattered dreams and broken heart.

Now I sit all alone Wishing all my feeling was gone I gave my best to you Nothing for me to do But have one last cry One last cry Before I leave it all behind I’ve gotta put you out of my mind this time Stop living a lie I guess I’m down to my last cry


Point of personal privilege!

Identification as any species or inanimate object other than human (even if they’re not, in fact, human) would be a deal breaker as well. Even if they won the 4H county fair two years in a row, it’s a no-go for me.

i identify as mail cuz i read a lot of it.

Human Pups.

My friend once shared with me a piece of wisdom: always cheat on her during the first six months of the relationship. That way, if she ends up cheating on you, you’ve already done it and will feel like you came on top.