Practice Exam Score

I scored a 65% yesterday on a practice exam. Time to panic?

I assume that a 65% on exam day is not a passing score…

if you can get it up to a 75% or so in the next week you’ll be good…keep going

Ok… ya I took one today and got a 73%. Feeling better, although I am a little concerned about the variance in the scores (the improvement is good though!) Anyone know how Schweser is in terms of difficulty? Pretty comparable to actual questions on exam day?

I used Schweser Practice exams the 1st time I took the CFA exam. Scored about 68 - 72 %; failed band 9. The exams are good, but I would recommend to take the 3 mocks from elan this week. I am sure that you will be fine then. I would take an exam per day, review it, note down the mistakes and study them that night…and so on. You still have 5 days!

Just completed the CFA mock exam moorning session, and scored 72,5% :S i m scared to death… i failed in June band 9, i ve already done more than 3.000 questions in Qbank with a score of 80%, just want to do the afternoon session to see how it goes. cant believe it! good luck guys!

Yeah those Elan mocks are real killers… especially the 2nd afternoon and third one.

Just scored a 79,58% in the 3rd Elan…I will take the CFA Mock tomorrow. I feel like I`m in good shape…

Nice! let us know tomorrow your scores in the mock! good luck!

i scored a 75 on the CFA mock morning and just got a 76 on the afternoon… its funny though i keep feeling like i’m not doing well and then end up doing better than expected… cant imagine how i’m going to feel after taking the test Saturday. I’m consistently in the 70’s though so I hope that is enough come test day

I have a 68% & 69% on Exam 1 & 2 (Vol 1) … Plan on doing Exam 3 & CFAI mock … redo error-ed Q’s, revise & hope for the best … i am sure there are people with similar scores who passed

anyone know when you would outright quit your job and leave the firm as opposed to just disassociating yourself from the activity? Is there any key thing to look for in those type of ethics questions? That particular choice seems like it could go either way.

I think if they just keep persisting even when you report to the supervisor or not…

Scored a 80,4% on the CFA Mock…feel ready :slight_smile:

Scored a 75 on Schweser Mock #3. Funny thing is, still don’t feel ready.

So yesterday I got crushed. I scored a 68% on the 4th Schweser mock morning session. My average on mocks is still >70% so I feel good about that (… but not really, know what I mean?) My only hope is that there is still 4 days and I also haven’t touched the derivative/alternatives. I am scoring ~50% on those sections, so that might be a place I can pick up easy points. That said, I am trying not to PANIC. Anyone else feeling like this? Advice?

I got a 68 on Schweser Mock 2, AM session, I believe. They ask some real tough questions on some of the exams. I have ranged with my AM/PM scores from 68 to 80. I just did AM on Mock 4 and got a 80, but that just because they happened to ask questions in that particular section that I was comfortable with. Hard work is 95% of passing this exam I think, but the other 5% is a luck factor of getting questions on the real exam that you are comfortable with. For example, I can’t remember that damn pure-play beta formula very easily, and while I think I have it now, I’d rather it not show up on the exam!

Just finalized CFAI mock 83%/82% total 82% - woohoo :slight_smile: best score yet on any mock I done :slight_smile: Only ethics & derivs below 70%. How to get into that f**** ethics? Anyway just boosted my self-confidence :slight_smile:

Great to hear! Keep that score up until Saturday, then go party hard!

Guys, I know that everyone is anxious at the thought of having spent so much time studying just to come up empty at the end. I know everyone is comparing mock exam scores, CFAI vs. Schweser vs. Elan, etc. etc. All of this is distracting, stress-inducing, and largely irrelevant speculation – do not let it psyche you out! Take a deep breath and try to find comfort in the knowing that you have put yourself in a great position to pass the exam. If you have studied the material, exhausted whichever Qbank you prefer, been an active poster/questioner on Analyst Forum, and have average smarts/intelligence, the odds are that you will pass this exam. You guys that are studying your butts off, working practice questions during your lunch hour, taking mock exams, and generally giving a damn about your preparation are going to be light years ahead of the vast majority of candidates who show up on test day. If you arrive on test day with a clear, stress-free mind and a confidant attitude, you will do just fine. I predict that most of you will find the actual exam far easier than any of the mocks you have taken over the last several weeks. Good luck to all of you, kick some ass.

Completed two exams so far. CFA Mock 81%. Schweser Book 2 Exam 1 71% No idea why the difference, I found the CFA questions straight forward to understand compared to the Schweser ones.