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I am almost finished with the material and now want to purchase some practice exams or questions in addition to what the CFAI makes available. From reading other posts, it seems the Qbank and similar products do not reflect the difficutly or format of exam questions, and getting practice exams would be the most representative option. If I get a Schweser practice volume, the 3 exams plus the CFAI mock and 2 samples should be enough?


It is awesome that you are done with reading , IMO

CFAI 2011 Mocks + CFAI 2012 Mocks + Schweser Vol I & II + CFAI end of chapter questions should put you in a very decent position

Thanks Factor, how do we get our hands on previous years CFAI mocks?


I have few friends who wrote L2 in 2010 and I wrote in 2011 (I am a retaker) , so I have 2010 , 2011 CFAI Mock exams , I could send it to your mail

Factor, could you send those to me as well? I would greatly appreciate it. x1logic at yahoo dot com

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Kindly send it to me as well.

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sent !!! suggest you guys to download 2012 L3 mocks as well while downloading 2012 L2 mocks from CFAI website . Anyway we will be needing it in 2013 .All the best



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I will indeed appreciate. Tx

Factor Hedge…

since u are retaking the lvl 2 exam…are there any key pieces of study advice you could lend out?..regarding what u think is the best way to prepare…thnx

Didn’t think anyone from Kent State could ever pass level 1. I graduated from Akron so I’m clearly better than you.

I forwarded the Mock exams to you, that Factor sent to me.

Incase I’m not too late can someone send it to me at

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@ Hedging

well , my prep was crappy last time (not that I am super prepared this time) , my CFA prep both last year as well as this one took a toll because of GMAT plans and MBA apps , but i had prepared decently for equity , ,FRA and quant rest I had lot of loose ends . these are my mistakes , but few general pitfalls I think could be over come

  1. L2 curriculam is very vast so the best strategy would be to study everything really well and few sessions ( mentioned below ) should be known cold .

  2. Practice is really really important , even though I had lots of practice materials I had no time to practice much , I barely practiced for a week , atleast a month of practice is decent time

  3. CFAI , EOC is a treasure , i felt in the exam most of the questions were very similar to EOC , EOCs are slightly tougher than the actual exams but great source of learning concepts .

  4. IMO most of FRA is very important especially Inter corp Investments , Multinational ops , Pension accounting but be prepared for few questions on inventory and long lived assets not a standalone vignette but CFAI slips these in between the other concepts . Pension accounting even though the concept is tough t o comprehend the trend I have noticed is CFAI asks very fundamental questions but concepts such as multi national ops , intercorp inv can be extremely tricky for ex : in multinational ops they could make it ambigous whether its a current rate or temporal + highly inflationary environment + mix up in CTA / Inflationary profit ,loss etc and intercorp inv they mix up with significant control and significant influence etc

Time series and mult regression in quant

Triangular arb , Currency Swaps , Few on options / hedging strategies

Many on CDO,MBS , structured products

Equity again is a highly important area , everything on valuation (Residual income , GGM , DCF ) I found emerging mkt valuation and multi stage gordon growth to be very tricky

This is all I remember from the last year , I will be building upon these during this year’s prep but a long long way to go . All the best

Could you please email it me also?

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Could you send these to me as well? Thanks!!