Prayer group ahead of results 2016

If you’re religious, I kindly ask for your prayers this week to assure a passing grade on the CFA level 3 exam. It would mean a lot to me… I will be praying for you.

Thank you and God Bless.


Hope God blind that grader and give you pass score.

Pray for me please. I really worked hard but felt too tired in the PM session and that why I feel less confident.

The tests are completed, graded, and sitting waiting to have results disseminated. How is a prayer going to help you at this point? You either passed or you didn’t. If you were inclined to pray for something as mundane as success on a finance exam, the proper time likely would have been prior taking it.

I’m pretty sure that prayers, regardless of the number of them, are not going to affect your exam performance particularly since it is already in the past.

I am religious and believe all things are possible with prayer… but this might not be the best thing to pray for nor should you have expectations that you will pass because you prayed for it.

Explain Schrodinger’s Cat paradox then, if you are so smart. The tests may be already graded but you never know if you passed until you “look” into them.

Sounds like guy just wanted to lash out at prayer in general.

Im not going to lie. I think I have prayed everyday since I wrote the exam for a passing mark. Power of positivity!

I believe in praying as well, everything is written ahead of time and it is written that you will pray after the exam. The more you pray the more it is a sign that you pass since you still have faith and hope to pass.

Unfortunately this was just the authors lame attempt at ridiculing religion.

No doubt God ( referring to the Holy Trinity) can change your results even if you failed but that would be unfair and not in His nature.

I prayed in the lead up to the exam to help me study and pass it. So now I’m flying solely on faith…the evidence of things not yet seen.

Even if you fail, it may be better for you in the grand scheme of things as you’ll come back even stronger…that was my case when I failed L2 after much prayer…but glad God allowed me to fail coz I was so much stronger and felt it helped alot leading into L3.

Isn’t that more of a Water Cooler thread? In my opinion religious stuff has no place in this L3 forum.

Each year before the exam result I find myself becoming religious and spending a great deal of time before sleeping in praying, my version of the pascalian wager wink.

The day after the result I am once again a heretic heathen angel

Include me please - I need all and any Gods to save my arse.

I prayed before and every day since…I’m not asking for a miracle, or luck, all I’m asking for is justice. Hard work always pays off, right? Wrong! In the world of CFA exams apparently you can dedicate your life to it for more than 6 months and still have a chance of failing. I just hope and pray that the hard work we’ve put in and sacrifices we have made will be worth it (not to mention this torture of waiting for results). If you worked hard, if you were dedicated in your preparation, I pray you will receive the PASS you all deserve. Yes the world isn’t fair, we know that, but a little justice next Tuesday would be welcome. Good luck all!


I will pray to my master Satan. Does anyone want to join me?

I actually am a member of the Church of Satan (and a Pastafarian by my aunt)

Cool! I love the Church of Satan and what they do for the separation of church and state in the US. It was also pretty cool when they defended Muslims from angry people after terrorist attacks in Paris etc.

Six days…