Prayer group ahead of results 2016

I hope none of you guys living on prayers ever manage any of my money. Maybe if there’s some sort of prayer index you guys could bid it up to heaven, but until then lets stick to scientifically proven methods and probability to determine pass rates and manage real dollars.

Well you could buy Shariah compliant funds (probably exists for other religion) but I have been told the VICE fund is outperforming…not sure what to conclude from that devil

You can pray for the MPS determination, or that, if you are borderline, your score in Ethics is decent enough to adjust you.


I generally respect religion but it should be a private thing. It should have nothing to do with a) politics and b) investment management.

Think you guys are making a mountain out of a mole hill. Pretty harmless topic here that people are getting twisted over.



s200magician – would you say this thread is the most pathetic post you’ve seen on analyst forum? i think it might be mine.

I agree that the results are sitting in a database waiting for the 9th… with that said; among tens of thousands of candidates and papers… its unlikely an individual score has been reviewed by a live person. Even if you are non religious maybe you can believe in the scientific idea of string theory or alternate universes… maybe that score is a fail today but with the right karma and positive energy you can wake up next week and the email will be a pass.

Ok I take back what I said now. I didn’t actually think you were using prayer to help change a fail into a pass. LOL.

Is the MPS of Level 3 (expected) generally below 64 or above?

Right?? Same here, I respect religion as well…but there are honestly people praying for: 1. A passing grade on a finance exam? Keep your priorities straight, and 2. The exam is OVER and GRADED. I’m sorry but GOD is not going to magically turn your Band 10 into a PASS.


…And to the Schrodinger’s Cat guy. Hopefully your post was a joke…but just because you haven’t seen your grade yet does not mean it doesn’t exist. Sorry.

You say that prayer is some sort of magic that affects the future. Let’s be honest, prayers don’t help at any point.

Ken M? Is that really you?

I don’t know if prayer helps or not. My point though was that, assuming it does help, it could only help you in the future and not in the past.

Jus sayin that in the realm of prayers (whether real or not), I’ve never heard of someone claim that a prayer helped them to change events that had already past. Who knows, this is stupid.

What if it’s a calming influence in the eyes of the candidate thus enabling them to perform better on the exam? I don’t have a dog in the fight here but it’s a little ridiculous to say that prayer doesn’t help at any point. You don’t live in other people’s shoes.

Lettuce prey

Pray to the old gods or the new?

Any quants/statisticians on this forum? Perhaps we can prove the effect of post-exam prayer on results.

“Statistician finds prayer increases CFA L3 score by 8 points, 15,000+ candidates find religion.”

yo, respect. i also use “lettuce”, e.g., “lettuce grab a coffee”. i think we just became best friends. #stepbrothers #brennan #dale