Pre MBA financial modelling course

It has perhaps been discussed many times over here already but BIWS vs wall street prep, which of these would better suit a summer internship application.

i have already cleared L2 and have gone through valuations by damodran so my basics are in place.

for MBA you’ll need Introduction to Addition and Subtraction by Dr Seuss.

You’ve cleared L2 and are looking for summer internships - huh?

Markets rough, man

Op, both are very good. You wouldn’t go wrong with either.

i have been working in m&a tax for 2 years now and got admitted into a target school starting this june. CFA L2 is not enough to land a job in IB in my experience

So i should just go with the cheaper one? Right?? Also how many hours roughly does it take to finish the course? I am taregeting completion before early june.

I haven’t done either of the paid ones, I’ve just browsed their youtube videos and looked at their offerings. The youtube shit for both was solid and what they described as the stuff in their courses sounded solid.

But if you google this shit, you can see the following from BIWS: "At the minimum, you need 8 hours to get something out of the course. Ideally, you will have more like 3-4 weeks to absorb the concepts at a deeper level. And to get the maximum benefit out of the course, you’ll have 2-3 months for it (at approximately 1-2 hours per day). " and this from WSP: “You should expect to spend approximately 70-90 hours to complete it. Using a combination of videos, Excel model templates and financial reports, this course …”

Now do your own damn googling

duh. IBankers don’t care about CFA

Cool, sounds like time required is more or less similar in both the courses…thanks !!

So you’re looking to do 2 internships or is this for next summer?

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I actually didn’t know the protocol for internships - do people really do one before MBA and during MBA? I’m looking to apply this year (if this GMAT goes well).

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Its just like undergrad, do an internship with a company between first and second year, hope to get picked up. I did an internship at a pe firm with an hbs student. Also worked along side mba grads trying to make their way into the industry.

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