Predict the passing rate for L2 2009

Now that the pass rate for L1 2009 Summer is out, does anyone want a shot at guessing the pass rate for L2 (and L3) for 2009? Winner gets nothing.


51% +/- 2%

bos_IT_guy Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > 51% +/- 2% no CI allow, exact number please :stuck_out_tongue:


49% or 50%




41%, hopefully lower

Too bad doesn’t exist anymore - maybe we can get Intrade to create a market for taking wagers. It would be very interesting to see how close we would get to the right answer.



40%, hopefullly 25%

does it matter?

CFA=NOLIFE Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > does it matter? It would only matter if we start a pool… but since online gambling is not legal in a lot of places, then no this is not important.

53% Laugh at me now, then suck it up in two weeks.

LII 53-56 LIII 60-65

historically L2 passing rate has been higher than L1.So lets c. i would say-48%

wish it was 100% :slight_smile: