predict what will be on the exam

this is just for fun when you guys need a break from studying.

hmmm, me thinks perhaps GIPS in the morning.

ss3, behavioral and ss18 GIPS, since they always ask the new or changed curriculum.

I hope afternoon is the same difficulty level of 2012 and 2011 mock not 2010 … 2010 is a disaster =)…

Effective Beta, Hedged/Unhedged Return, Box Spread/Collar, Effective interest rate…

Behavioral, GIPS (as they are relatively new material)

…my tears

something obscure from L2 hidden in some remote corner

from L2??hmm…Total sum of squares?






2 bond hedge

Cost of carry…WACC including pension assets…beh fin 18 points ques

this could be a best case scenario except the last where they may throw tantrum with the word CONTINGENT

Ethics and IPS - prob 30%+ of exam

Behavioral biases


Corner Portfolios and rebalancing (CPPI…etc)

I predict an extra-large helping of Asset Managers’ Code.

I predict what _won’t_ be on the exam is a tricky question on revocable/irrevocable trusts. That seemed like last year’s “from outer space” question.

I also agree with Wendy on Asset Managers’ Code being in there.

And of course the new behavioral finance stuff.

My vote for this year’s “what the heck?” topic: the real estate return calc in GIPS

I hope CFAI is not reading this…lol

i feel foreign tax credit provisions may rear its ugly face.

^ what the hell?..

I’ll act as if I didn’t read your post alladin :stuck_out_tongue:

you’re talking about the credit deduction exception methods?

^ exemption*. I think they may show up too. and some crazy ir swap questions I wont know how to do. My guess for the shocker is a variance calculation of true active risk with weighted managers