Pretty sure the 2 boxes vs. 1 box was a tell

First: A high level of AF users pass. This seems much higher than the overall candidate pool.

From what I seen 2 boxers pass and 1 boxers have unfortunately failed.

Judging by the few that have posted, even the high-confidence 1 boxers have reported failing.

It’s early, but it appears this theory still cannot be dismissed.

I’m still waiting for my email results but yeah… Looks like there could have been something in it!!

Nothing beats being 1 boxer and refreshing looking for a fail!

Someone just reported a pass with one box!? Debunked?

saw that too- its possible that person was attempting to be nice, but lets just believe it wasnt a tell, unless youre a two boxer

It could be somebody that misunderstood, a false-positive, or a person trying to muddy the waters. The preponderance of evidence is that it was a tell, or at least it does from my viewpoint.

Well done. It was you who came up with the theory, wasn’t it? You should change your name to IbeatCFAup.

Aside from what i intially thought, this is a forsure tell… thanks alot CFA…

For what its worth i failed with 1 box as well

There is enough evidence in favour of the tell…

WTF is a 1 boxer and a 2 boxer?

had two boxes and passed

and bro you were right, i did see my mail, did not wait for the next day

i believe in 2 boxes theory. Everyone is proving in the results thread

I think it’s confirmed 1 box = fail. Have not seen a passer with one box.

I passed with a two boxer…damn the paranoia next year will be unreal.

I think my avatar is so fitting for the 1 box and 2 box conspiracy theory of 2016. Scholarship boxes a hoax - I THINK NOT!

can someone please explain what this 1 box and 2 box stuff is??

It was INDEED a tell. Can’t believe I failed but I did…the 1 box doesn’t lie…

Basically, this thread from the day before stated that the Access Scholarship was a tell to whether or not you passed or failed. One box means “Apply for Access Scholarship”. Two boxes mean “Apply for Access Scholarship” and an additional “You are ineligible for the 2017 scholarship” message, which meant you passed

So far, this theory holds.

I’m so gutted for you!! I was really hoping you’d pass mate… So sorry :frowning: Looks like it really was a tell!!!

I think it’s when you apply for scholarships (a week before results), some people had two boxes and some people had one box. Some one proposed their was a significance to it, two boxes indicated a pass and one indicated a fail. Turns out basically everyone who had two passed, and one boxers failed.


Same here bro. I cant believe I am did so poorly in AM and I was so confident…something doesn’t make sense