"Professional Cuddling" service is sketchiest thing I've seen today


So, this lady is a “professional cuddler”. Basically, she charges people to cuddle with her for 30 minute, 60 minute or overnight sessions. Is this just hippy crap or something else…

I don’t make fun of your profession. You have to hear both sides.

Review 1/5 “BausDawg” - Didn’t put out

Review 5/5 “ColdHandsWarmHeart” - Lovely time with Samantha, she is just wonderful. Being little spoon and listening to Mariah Carey while crying is my favorite.


No sex and paying to cuddle lol. If you are a hetero male partaking in this service, its time to see Kevorkian.

On her “About Me” page: “My life is so full of positivity that I would love nothing more than to bring some of my positive energy into your world.”

…what kind of “positive energy”? I only saw listings for cuddling services but it’s possible she might offer some other ancillary benefits. Otherwise, she goes back on the “Next” bus.

Seems that hers is not the only “snuggling” business out there. The one in NY sounds a bit more sketchy. When snuggling services that employ only Asian women start popping up, I think we’ll know where the industry has gone.

Taking Muppet’s Money…

snuggle for $60 ? right…

Isn’t this how escorts get away with it? It’s purely an “escort” service until evening when the real point of the service takes place somewhere… and off the books.

When I hear the word cuddle, it reminds me of “cuddle puddles.” Basically a group of kids (usually candy ravers) that are really high on MDMA and laid out all over each other at a party. Sometimes they get interesting with heavy groping.

i don’t see why not!

A lot of people pay money to be whipped or tied up, not necessary having sex.

There are many people with different needs out there.

Plus this is free of STD’s!

I wonder how this looks on her resume.

Professinal Cuddler at Cuddle Up To Me, PC

Job duties include:

  • Provided fully clothed cuddle session for 1/2 hour to overnight session.
  • Assisted others get the level of human contact to optimize our personal lives.
  • Avoided “natural reactions” of members of the opposite sex by creating “big spoon”

As I noted in the other thread, this is what “helmets” are for! Everybody should be wearing them.


i like cuddling

Me too! Especially when it lead to boning!

Reminds me of cuddle fuddle.

So, if I cuddle some random person for free can I write off the value of those cuddles as charity?

No - you don’t get a tax deduction for charity work. However, you can probably claim a pro bono contribution for your company.

…or more like “pro boner”.

those are the only ones i know, what other cuddlings are out there?

Ewwww, Rover thought you were just friends!

You know, my first day in IB, my MD said to me, “If you want a friend in this world, get a dog.” Maybe now it’ll be, “If you want a friend in this world, hire a professional cuddler.”


There’s no way there isn’t extras in the backroom.