progress report

so i’ve started but i’m drudging around ethics. i’m reading the cfai material though i have received the schweser stuff. it’s brutal because the first section is or seems like it is identical to level one stuff. hopefully things pick up with new stuff like soft dollars. (yeah, right) are you guys starting with ethics or jumping around sections. (like going to quant first?) i guess i’m trying to get a feel for where you guys are because i’m having a hard time getting going full speed

Started FSA a month ago . . . still in FSA.

I have decided to go through CFAI before switching to Swcheser, CFAI does a much better job of explaining concepts. This way I’ll get the best of both worlds. Almost finished Quant (Scanned through ethics). I’m doing very little but well within my goal of covering the course material twice before March next year. I set up a study program based on subject weightings, its nice because it gives you a target and also puts your mind at rest when you think you aren’t doing enough. Lets face it, the material could be covered in 4 months of hard graft and we still have 7 to go.

I need to finish all the material as soon as I could. Normally, we have 7 months to go. But my second child is already 5 pounds inside his mother, and going to be born on end Nov. I don’t really know how much time I get, probably discount the 7 mths by 50% to 3.5 mths. So, my target is to finish first round of studying (reading schweser + doing end of the chapter exercise) by January 2008. Sorry that this situation may not be relevant to most of your twenty-something candidate.

I plan to finish reading at least the first four books by December, and then start solving problems with Schweser Q-bank starting January whlie I read the last two books at the same time. I am going in sequence (i.e., Ethics, Quant…etc.). However, I am not trying to remember every single word / topic I come across as I will review these briefly using Schweser Q-bank before I start solving the questions. My goal is to get a “general” idea/understanding of the material" by reading the CFAI books and solidify them by solving Q-bank problems starting January. One note though, I skipped Econ just like I did in Level I – decided to leave it for the end. I am an Econ MA, so while I am not “overestimating” my capabilities, I also know a quick review after reading the rest of the topics will work just fine (may be around February)! I have finished Book I and currently I am 1/3 way through FSA (CFAI Book 2). Plan to finish it by end of October. November is for Book 3 (Corporate Finance) and probably part of Book 4. Good luck to everyone (including myself). -ron-

Projected start-date February 16, 2008.

I’m still basking in my Level I pass. Aiming to start January 1.

finishing Asset Backed Securities Today

Finished Ethics today. Read all of CFAI text and problems and did some Q bank questions. I’m hapy to say that I am 14% of the way to a pass on Level II (assuming I need 70% and Ethics is 10%, I’m going to crush the Ethics section, just like we all should). Quant was not my favorite on Level I so a bit of hesitation to jump in on that one. I’ll have to break down this weekend. Quant is also not conducive to studying on the train (for me at least simply because I have to really focus in order to get it).

Finished CFAI book for FI and will be through with Asset Valuation and Equity by November

1/2 way through Quant, and plan to finish all books once before Dec. Then I’ll go back through, make some notes, then focus on practice questions until June. I found that doing questions over and over was much more help than just reading the material.

Im one reading into quant. Ethics was same as L1 except for soft $ and Prudence. I am still being a social butterfly and plan to buckle down after Halloween. T minus two months until complete seclusion from the world.

Since I have a mathematical background, I am generally going through the more math/quant stuff early as this will stay in my mind a lot longer than the FSA/Corp Fin/Econ material will. I am taking two MBA courses this fall which really hinders my study time. Seven more weeks then hit CFA hard. Here is the order of what I’ve done, and will do: 1. Read the FSA Book, have not yet answered questions but will in the spring when I review the book again. 2. Read Ethics 3. Currently working on Quant (Section 13) 4. Read Equity to Portfolio Management (Books 4 to 6) 5. Read Corporate Finance and Econ 6. Go back/Re-read/review FSA Hopefully will be done the reading (before the FSA re-read) by the end of February. Most likely it’ll go into March. Spend April and May going through 4000 Q-Bank questions.

I’m planning to complete pretty much everything except maybe Quants and Econ by the end of December, using the CFAI Curriculum. I won’t use the Schweser notes this time, unless I fall short on time or don’t like a topic etc. I’m done with FSA except for the last reading, completed Ethics and I’m on to Corporate Finance now. I want to only read everything the first time and get the hang of it. I’ll start doing Qbank stuff next year.

Will complete Quant this week. Starting with Derivatives by weekend. Will take it easy till December and then accelerate.

I have read book one and two and worked through 90% of the end of chapter q’s. I will start book three this week. I plan to read through and do all the q’s in the CFAI by Jan. Then review schweser and take notes until march or so and then onto q’s, q’s, exam q’s and maybe do a few q’s.

Passed L1 last Dec and failed L2 in June. Can’t bring myself to start studying again till Jan.

I was being pretty lax about this to this point, but maybe I am making a mistake. I have read part of port man and all of quant, but have used schweser for some of it. I also don’t really think that I retained much. My wife is due to have our second child in March, which will cut into study time for sure. I guess I better get on the ball. I can’t seem to get fired up at all. That is my biggest hurdle at this point.

i think if i start before the holidays i’ll burn out in may

I have all of you characters beat. I have been through the entire curriculum - for the June 2007 exam. I suppose you are referring to June 2008. Oops