Progress So Far

Sorry if there is another such thread somewhere. I wanted to know how much you people have completed so far. I’m yet to do Econ, Quants and Fixed Income. Done with everything else, but don’t know how much I remember! I have used the Curriculum more than 90% of the time. I am interested in knowing the progress level of anyone who’s reading this thread… Thanks, Ruhi

Did you post this just to make yourself feel good…I have gotten through Ethics, got bogged down in quant so said F- this I will look at it later and now just started Economics.


No, I didn’t post it to make myself look good. I want to know what others are doing. I’m sure there are others who are done with the entire curriculum. Note: I took L-I in June. so I’ve had lots of time. Dunno when you took L-I.

I took it in December, and I wasn’t saying that to be rude, I was saying it jokingly. I guess I should have put the old :wink: up there.

I have gone through each study session one by one in the CFAI texts. I am on ss#16, trying to complete all study session by MArch 1, giving me 3 months for practice exams, review and immprovement

Danhoop- That’s good progress man. Even I want to complete everything by 02/29. Thank God it’s a leap year. :wink: I could use that one extra day.

I’ve gone through quant. Guess I’ve got some work to do.

I’ve done both ethics sections and am about 1/4 of the way through quant. Some days I’m more motivated than others - it’s a mixed-bag, because I did Level I in about a month and a half (super-cram) I promised myself that this time I would take my time and be able to spread out the work, but most days I say to myself “Meh, I did Level I in a month and a half, why bother studying now?” I’m really quite conflicted.

I’ve read through Ethics, Quant and almost done with Economics, I still need to finish all end of chapter questions for all of the above sections besides Ethics - I am going to save those for final preparation. Lots of work ahead …

hey ruhi, done w/ quant, ethics, fsa, econ (doesn’t mean i remember anything) more than 1/2 way through equity valuation not looking forward to fixed income, derivatives and port mgmt. i’ve been using mostly schweser though i’ve used the text for some questions, but not many yet. i’m doing the schweser online course as review as i go along. i should be done with equity in a week. fun fun fun. i’m acutally finding equity to be… almost fun. i never thought i’d say that.

I’m on the program that worked for me in December on Level 1. I am halfway through with FSA, and I keep ahead of my weekly class schedule (I take the course in Dallas that John Harris teaches.) so basically, I make sure I have read the section 2 times before I walk into the class that deals with that section. I get ahead in the Ethics and econ week of class since the course review there doesn’t really help too much and I move on, and end up covering all the material pretty thoroughly with 1 month to spare for review and practice tests. So I am way behind most of you.

Done a read through of all except Port Mgmt, gone through Ethics, Quant & FSA in more detail. Want to finnish 2nd round by 29/02 All in CFAI text, and have decided to leave Schweser apart from the practice questions at the end of each study session and obviously the practice exams.

skillionaire-that’s bloody impressive. I would I could do the same. Unfortunately, I get worried. martikus, doworkson- you people are good. there’s lots of time left. cfasf1, ooh you’ve done quite a lot! how’s econ and quants? I’m starting with Quants tomorrow and going by what everyone’s said here- it’s not fun, right? I’m planning to complete quants in 3 days. Lets see if I can do it. Haha. Derivatives and PM are fun, believe me. You’ll be fine. Haven’t yet done Fixed income myself. And even I liked Equity…found it to be quite easy actually…in fact I’m finding L-II to be less hectic compared to L-I because most of the concepts are not really “new”- they build upon Level I stuff. Anyway, time will tell. Long way to go. Kerry- Did you say 2nd round?! Whoa. When did you start studying?

budfox- your schedule looks fine to me. as long as you keep up or move ahead of your class, you’ll be good. And you say that you’ll have a month to spare…that should be ok.

yeah, kerry, impressive. i’m using 95% schweser and i’m still not even close to round 2. i’m not even sure round 2 will exist actually. ruhi, quant is a bit brutal. but if you work through questions, it’s ok. retention is a bit difficult. a lot of things to memorize. that is what i’m finding about level 2. you are right that it builds on level 1, but there is still a buttload of stuff to memorize. I heard somewhere the books were thinner for level 2. i’m finding that is not the case. i looked back at my level 1 schweser stuff and it seemed rather small. depressing. econ is not that bad. a lot of FX stuff. if you had no problems with the fx stuff in level 1, you should be fine. then again, i thought the econ last june in level 1 was the worst section that year, so what do i know.

What I’ve completed and what I’m prepared for are two different things :slight_smile: I’ve completed ethics, quant, econ, and halfway through corp fi. I also did a good read through of FSA before XMAS. However my retention has been weak so I’m doing lots of practice problems/Qbank to try to stay sharp. I’m devoting the entire month of March to equity. Hope to have May for practice exams and review. I started early as I know I’ll take the odd weekend off for March Madness…Stanley Cup Finals and a UFC trip in April.

I just started studying last night - YAY for me.

cfasf1, all right. In that case, I’ll need to use lots of index cards and keep reading them before going to sleep. Even I’ve found that L-II is a lot to do with learning up stuff…too many formulas compared to level 1. And I totally dislike learning formulas. I didn’t find the books to be thin- esp. because I did L-I primarily from Schweser and using CFAI text books for L-II. S you can imagine my condition. I take ages to finish anything. Econ was tough last yr. I did ok though, because I knew all those concepts beforehand. But it kicked so many peoples’ asses. so im not going to take it lightly. jabroni- Good that you’re workin on the Qbank. that’s something i need to start doing. I’m only working out the curriculum questions and let’s say that I don’t remember a whole lot.

I just finished fixed income from the curriculum and I have already read FSA. My plan is that after each curriculum book I go back and do all of the end of chapter questions of the previous books I have read (2 thus far) before I go onto my next book. Hopefully I finish the curriculum by the end of February and can do the same thing but with Schweser in March. I will be paying close attention to econ since that worked me and many others last June. I suck at quant so I can bet I will spend the majority of my time there.